Today's Forum for July 14

"You are wrong about our government not needing input from its citizens. They aren’t dictators."

"My submissions to the Forum usually contain information that is meant to get people thinking, perhaps in a different way than they normally do. When I hear the insults thrown at the Democrats, insults that are lacking in substance and are pure and simple name-calling, my mind goes back to the debates before the election and I hear Mr. Trump insulting the other nominees and I think, 'Apples don’t fall far from the tree.'"

"I have recently been taking my mother to a lot of doctor appointments. She's 88 years old. I'd just like to mention to doctors, nurses, caregivers, anyone, when you're dealing with an elderly person, please look at them and talk to them, not just to the caregiver. These people do still exist. Make them feel that way. When you don't look at them or give them attention they feel like they're not important, like they're not there. So let's do a better job, guys."

"I think that making the old Belk building into apartments is the biggest mistake that Dalton has made. The traffic is going to unbelievable. There are going to be wrecks, there is going to be a lot of congestion, a lot of confusion. I just don't see putting apartments right there in town like that."

"Because of a high rate of packages being stolen from front porches, my place of employment is allowing their employees to have their packages delivered to their workplace. It's delivered to us and someone alerts us that it's up at the office. People need to check with their HR and see if they can have that done, too."

"If the city can clean up those awful donation boxes, they ought to be able to clean up Brookwood. There are at least 20 dump sites with furniture, trash, mattresses, debris, all over Brookwood. If the city was serious, they would look after us."

"The concerts in Burr Park on Friday nights are so good. The Etowah Jazz group was extra good this week."

"There have been several references this week to the Rocky Face Police Department. Exactly where is that located and can you give me a number in case I need to reach them?"

Editor's note: The Rocky Face Police Department is a fictional, parody site on the social media site Facebook.

"If you don't believe the Trump administration is totally rotten, just look at the pictures in the Daily Citizen-News on Saturday of the people that have left this White House. Something is wrong. Trump is running this country."

I just read that Trump’s Cabinet turnover keeps growing. It looks like 49 members have left since he’s been in office. I was a plant manager in the corporate world and I can tell you, if I had that many employees leave in two years, I would have been fired for chasing off the help. 2020 can’t get here fast enough!

"Forty-ninth cabinet turnover."

"All these shady characters in Trump's administration end up resigning except him."

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