Today's Forum for July 6

"What happens to all the money that people that have worked 30 or 40 years and contributed to Social Security and die and never draw a penny or draw a few years and die? Some don't have kids or wives. The Social Security administration has mismanaged our funds."

"I have to admit I don't care much for 'My Cousin Vinny.' It portrays Southerners in a negative light like many other Hollywood films."

"I always thought that government did three things well. The three things were education, roads and fighting wars. We haven't won a war since WWII, our children graduate lacking the most basic skills and information, and our roads speak for themselves. Our thought process regarding government and our elected representatives needs to change."

"To the OWG (old white guy), Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris may be brilliant young leaders, but their radical ideas will lead the country off a cliff."

"A lot of other countries do have military parades in the street. Adolf Hitler used to do it all the time, North Korea does it, along with other dictator leaders. Trump has big footprints to follow.''

"You are the barking dog of ignorance. If someone other than government had control of our Social Security payments we could retire well off. It’s government theft, corruption and giveaways that have run it into insolvency."

"Wow! You either wasted an opportunity to have a better life with a college education, or didn’t take your opportunity seriously. Education is a wonderful thing!"

"Every fifth-grader learns and understands the concept of separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial). How is it that the POTUS doesn’t understand this premise set up in our Constitution? He is setting himself and our country up to model those countries run by his favorite role models, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Hitler and any other despot you can imagine. Wake up, folks, before it’s too late!"

"I was in high school in Chattanooga when they started crosstown busing and the only thing it ever accomplished as far as I could tell was disrupting neighborhoods and creating discord among students. And by the way, many of the people that were supporting it had their children in private schools."

"I very adamantly believe with myself included and along with several million other Americans, we could really care less about what Colin Kaepernick finds offensive. In fact, if things are so bad here in the ole U.S. of A., there are several god-forbidden countries throughout the world like Somalia, Iran and North Korea that he could relocate to that would better suit his demented mindset."

"In Michael Reagan's Sunday column about the debate he said the moderators might have asked why Congress and the previous administrations have refused for 40 years to do what's necessary to secure the border. What Michael failed to tell you is the Gang of Eight and Obama tried and could not get 60 votes because the Republicans would not vote for it. Trump had the House and the Senate for two years and did not get it done."

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