Today's Forum for July 11

"Mr. Editor, you appear to be very upset that a simple pay raise couldn't be turned into another SPLOST debacle. You know full well that given enough time the usual suspects would start bellyaching and in the meantime, the hardworking employees of the county would be left in the lurch. Better to get it done now."

Editor's note: Our issue is not with the pay raise, as the editorial states. We disagree with the furtive way the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners passed the pay raise without letting the public know in advance.

"C'mon, commissioners! How could all of you be so tone deaf as to think it OK to exclude the public from a significant financial decision? I refer, of course, to the pay raise you unanimously approved Monday night after adding it to the agenda without any opportunity for public comment. Whether the raise is deserved or not is not the point. Your sneaky action is the point."

"Recently there have been several things done by the county commissioners and the Cohutta Town Council that although legal, were done in questionable ways. Less than transparent, to say the least. If these incidents are what have been made known, I wonder how many more questionable things have happened that didn't get found out?"

"Commissioners, listen and listen close: The majority are not against the raise, it’s how you made your decision long before discussing it with the public! It's a waste of our time to attend open meetings because we just sit and listen to your decisions."

"Varnell and Cohutta were well taught by Whitfield County's public officials."

"Our commissioners trying to do things the legal way, yet they care less what is the right way for anyone but themselves. They should at least try for legal and right for the majority of us."

"So what's new about a government employee giving all government employees a raise? Washington does it every two years. It has got to be good, right?"

"I left out the Rocky Face Police Department. Shut it down!"

"The Rocky Face Police can't help. They are out of funds as we in Rocky Face had to spend the entire yearly budget for a new DieHard battery for our power station."

"To the person who said Donald Trump is 'the pure devil.' Turn off the fake news and look at what’s really happening to this country. It’s the liberals, Democrats and radical groups like Antifa spewing all the hate, violent behavior and disrespect!"

"If God chose Donald Trump to be president, then he also sent Hillary Clinton to be a lightning rod to the Republicans, thereby giving every under- and misinformed parrot the confidence to continually screech 'Lock her up.'"

"The Constitution requires the census to count 'the whole number of persons in each State.' Citizenship is not mentioned, and adding a citizenship question has been shown to decrease the accuracy of the census. Quit pushing this unconstitutional nonsense."

"It now seems as though common sense is no longer a gift, it’s now a punishment, especially when you have to tolerate Democrats who don’t have any."

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