Today's Forum for July 10

"May God bless you, Abraham Sanchez Lopez. You are a true hero right here in our community. We could not be more proud of you and your selfless actions."

"Starting the week before the Fourth holiday we started hearing the exploding noise of fireworks in our area and tonight marks night 12. Yes, night 12! We are fed up. We enjoy fireworks for the holiday night. It is expected but come on people, have some respect for those who are elderly and sick. One is a Vietnam vet and is having a hard time with this."

"$32,000 for a code enforcement officer in Cohutta? Come on, boys, it’s time to come clean on this mess."

"Cohutta, Georgia — small town politics at its finest."

"The behavior of the Cohutta Police Department is beyond fixing. It’s out of control and so typical of a small town in the South. Shut it down! While you’re at it, dissolve the Varnell and Tunnel Hill police departments as well. Some may think their behavior is better than the comic section but actually it’s an embarrassment to Whitfield County, not to mention the expense for us taxpayers."

"Folks, it's time for the Rocky Face Police Department to take over policing Cohutta and Varnell. Who out there agrees with me?"

"The comment about the Varnell Police Department, the Cohutta Police Department and county commissioners being compared to the comics was spot on. No fake news there!"

"All you Democrats trashing Trump because you think he’s destroying this country need to respond to Cal Thomas’ questions in Tuesday’s Viewpoint."

"To all the people bellyaching about the July 4 military parade: Crowds have turned out every day to view changing of the guard in London. No tanks or aircraft involved, but isn't this similar to a military parade every day? How about Bastille Day in Paris every July 14?"

"Another county commissioner meeting. Another flub. Sorry, but failing to give the taxpayers a chance to weigh in on an across-the-board county employee raise was wrong. Saying it was discussed at a meeting last year doesn't cut the mustard."

"Social Security was started years ago. It was taken out of our paycheck every week until we retired and as far as I know they still take it out. As older people retire, young people took up putting money in and so on down the line. We pay on Medicare so I do not think it is a handout, and it seems awful hard to get that through to some people. If it was not for Social Security, a lot of old people would not have any income."

"Have you noticed how Democrats, when they don't have facts and logic on their side, attempt to turn everything into a race issue? It would be an amazing coincidence if all the people that agreed with them weren't racist and all those that disagreed were."

"I think it's about time we quit emphasizing ethnic differences and using them as a means of segregation and separation. We should all be proud of our ethnic qualities. But we should not denigrate other ethnic groups. Why not enjoy our differences and similarities? Besides, we are only a single race — the human race."

"The conditions in the mills sound terrible. Have you looked into joining a union?"

"I'm real curious what all these people who think disliking Trump and hating America are the same thing did during the Obama administration."

"I like Kim Darroch because he told the truth, and many Americans like him, too."

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