Today's Forum for July 7

"If the Georgia-Florida game must be held off campus, at least have it in Atlanta every other year, it’s past time to stop giving away home-game advantage to Florida."

"Most people will never get what they paid into Social Security back. If you are getting more than you and your employer paid into it, then you are one of the few winners. Either of the above scenarios prove that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud."

"An eighty-seven-year-old woman's reflexes would be pretty slow, with two officers around her one of them could have grabbed the knife away from her. Regardless of what language she spoke."

"if Trump's not leading us off a cliff, he has me fooled.''

"I think the comments on 'My Cousin Vinny' are much ado about nothing. Similar shows of Andy Griffith and Mayberry portray Northerners in a bad light, but they are still funny. They were filmed before Hollywood tried to be so political."

"To the reader who mentioned about fifth-grade history introducing checks and balances and separation of powers, yes, that is true. But only in high school or college history classes does one also learn that the framers had a big discussion in Philadelphia of whether to go with a king or a president and president won by a few votes."

"We're going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. And we will give everyone a good health care plan. We will bring the cost of medicine down. We will bring our soldiers home. Of course, none of this has happened. All Trump does is go abroad and kiss up to Putin, the Rocket Man and the Saudi prince. No other president, Republican or Democrat, would do this. These men are very dangerous, they kill journalists and even kill their own family. Trump has become a danger to this country by his actions. Having said that, I listened to the Democratic debate and some of these candidates are too far to the left. I do hope Joe Biden is the nominee because he is more moderate. In the end, anybody but Trump."

"For the caller to say that Putin, Kim Jong Un and Hitler and other despots are Trump's heroes is foolish and it shouldn't come out of the person's mouth."

"I think slavery was wrong but I don't think we should try to rewrite history and discredit the many accomplishments made by early American citizens like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and painting over murals in the schools because George Washington is in them, and not selling shoes because they have the (Betsy Ross) flag on them is wrong because we should honor the accomplishments even though things were wrong with the country. There will always be things wrong with the country."

"I just don't remember our past presidents emulating and praising the previous dictators they were dealing with."

"I think police officers should obey the law just as much as anybody else. I was at Kroger. There are three stops where you have to stop where people are coming out of the store. He ran all the stop signs and I was out in the crosswalk. He needs to check himself out and do what's right."

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