Today's Forum for July 1

"Your timely editorial on keeping your pets indoors over the Fourth of July is a very needed discussion, but you left out one important part. It also is equally annoying to old people and disabled people like myself who don't have a way to get around to it. Taxis aren't running and I don't have a car. The city of Dalton has a lackadaisical attitude about it. So what? That's their whole attitude in a nutshell."

"I agree with this 87-year-old woman's lawyer. I don't think they checked this out like they should. It wasn't done right. They say the police was within their rights for doing what they did. I don't agree with that. She was just out cutting something for her salad. She wasn't endangering anybody. But I do agree with her lawyer that it was not done appropriately."

"Jimmy Carter needs to mind his own dang business. Donald Trump is a businessman, not a crooked politician. And he's done a fine job. If the darn Democrats would meet him halfway, this country would be much better off."

"If I were the president or CEO of a corporation I would build a plant only in one of the 31 states that still allows people to talk on their phone while driving. This is the kind of things that companies are going to have to start doing in order to get legislatures to stop passing these silly, stupid laws."

"All these people on the Democratic side in these debates talk about climate change and that's going to solve the world's problems. What is their plan to change the climate? I would love to know because God is the only one who can change the climate."

"The Juneteenth celebration was by far better than expected and we'll see you again next year."

"Here it is only three months after voters turned down a SPLOST and our county commissioners are already coming up with ways to spend more money. Yet our neighbors to the north just rejected a property tax increase for 2019. Well, at least somebody knows the value of the dollar because there's not anybody in North Georgia that does."

"It's barely July and they're already shooting fireworks in town. I know that's illegal. Somebody needs to do something about it."

"As far as I'm concerned, the whole issue surrounding the SPLOST committee, as well as the issue of the SPLOST tax itself, is one big joke. Why isn't the paper heeding my advice in my April letter of going to the legislature and getting some kind of alternative tax like building schools with a tax on alcoholic beverages? This car has been stuck in the mud for 30 years. Will somebody please call a tow truck and pull it out?"

"I think we need to set up a committee to see who should be on the SPLOST committee."

"I still think the policeman jumped the gun in Tasering the elderly woman, so they might not want me on the jury for the civil suit."

"Nothing would make me happier than to see the United States women's World Cup soccer team fall flat on its face."

"Wednesday night was the first night of the Democratic debates, and that's the first time I can remember that I've sat up until 11:30. I wasn't watching the debate, I was watching 'My Cousin Vinny.' You ever seen that? That's a good movie."

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