Today's Forum for July 4-5

"Isn't it funny that European countries can have a military parade and it's considered to be a badge of honor but when America talks about having one it's politically incorrect. We have become a nation of wimpy milquetoasts."

"Thanks to all our leaders and the men and women who have gone in harm's way to preserve the United States of America. I am especially thankful for the opportunity to take advantage of the First Amendment and express these thoughts in a public newspaper. Thank you, Daily Citizen-News staff, for standing tall."

"This is the first time I've ever noticed at the top of the Viewpoints page the First Amendment written out. Thank you, Daily Citizen-News. I appreciate that. I like that. I wouldn't care if you had one (an amendment) every day."

"I, too, think the same of Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris — brilliant young leaders! And I'm an OWG. Old white guy."

"What kind of president would associate with foreign despots that murder their own people? May I remind you of FDR along with Truman and Stalin and every Russian despot since. Nixon, and every other president since then, with China. Eisenhower with Castro, and every president with every two-bit dictator in Central and South America. Need I go on, as every president has had contact with dictators and despots. That includes a certain Nobel Peace Prize winner."

"'My Cousin Vinny' was very entertaining. Only thing missing was 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' playing in the background."

"Currently, we have a field of over 20 Democratic presidential candidates, all trying to see who can sell the most extreme leftist lifestyle model. Guaranteed jobs, guaranteed income, college loan forgiveness, free college, single-payer health care, free health care to illegal aliens, reparations, income inequality, Green New Deal, open borders. All this comes at a staggering cost to taxpayers. Consider current government reckless spending, inefficient management with bloated salaries and pensions, and pork barrel spending. Within 10 years America would be just another Venezuela, once a rich country and now in ruins."

"You’re not the only one who thinks the old lady should have put the knife down when the policeman told her to."

"I continue to see law officers talking on their cellphone while driving. If it's hands free for us, it needs to be hands free for them, they need to equip their cars with Bluetooth."

"I heard that an Olive Garden is coming at the O’Charley’s location!"

"What do you not get about 'Social' Security? You get far more from it than you ever paid in. Socialism is government ownership of the means of production which we don’t have. The same old barking dog of ignorance."

"College can be a bad investment. You need some advice before you jump into a trendy college and get a useless degree. It may cost you as much as a nice house that you will be paying for over a lifetime."

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