Today's Forum for July 27

"Everyone is so focused on if 'their side won' with Mueller. Bad news. We have all lost. It’s a fact that outside forces have been meddling in our elections and creating division and we are doing nothing about it."

"Isn't it amazing? Mueller totally debunked Trump and the GOP claim that Trump was totally exonerated and yet they are still all claiming he was exonerated and did nothing wrong. And now to show how low the GOP will go they totally shut down a bill that would try to fix Russian and other foreign meddling in our elections. They don't care how they win elections, they just want to win. Mueller also made it very clear that had it not been for a Department of Justice rule that a sitting president can't be arrested, Trump would be in jail and charged with obstruction of justice. This should scare us all to death."

"Important decisions and personal views should be made between your own ears, not someone else's. The space between someone else's ears is for their best interest and probably not yours."

"Yes, Cal Thomas, by turns we’ve discriminated against different ethnic groups. It never was right. And, no, Hispanics usually take jobs too hard and too low in pay for almost all citizens. 'Just to make money' is a half-truth spin. So what?"

"Bette Midler just tweeted that black men go to Trump rallies only because they get paid to do so. Racist, maybe?"

"Thursday’s paper had a column by John Micek concerning Trump targeting food stamps. It’s about time somebody targeted food stamps! If the program was used as it should be, then it’s needed. People need to be checked out to see if they are really deserving. I know several people who scam the system for everything they can get, work for cash and make good money. Liberal giveaways are ruining the work ethic of this country."

"Congressional Republicans knew that Barr and the Department of Justice had absolutely forbidden Mueller from discussing certain topics during his two appearances in Congress. They asked those questions anyway and then made him out to look dishonest or ignorant when he refused to answer."

"As a matter of fact, I don’t care much for Republicans, but I think Trump is what we need to stop the crazies."

"I have never been to either a city council or a county commission meeting, and I've never met Lynn Laughter, but the person who turned in the comment about Vera Wang, you need a column in the newspaper, you're good."

"I listened to the Mueller hearings yesterday and if Donald Trump does not go to prison, then we need to open the doors of every prison and let these that broke the law go free. It's so unfair to punish people that cannot afford the best lawyers and let the very wealthy get away with breaking the law."

"Welcome to beautiful Dalton, Georgia, a city of barking dogs and loud mufflers. Mr. Mayor, I wonder if it was on your street would you put up with it. I think not."

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