Today's Forum for July 3

"If your neighbor asks for you to tone it down with fireworks because s/he suffers from PTSD, please respect that."

"It seems as though most of the Democrats in Congress have a favored phrase which is that no one, even the president, is above the law. So my question is, how come they don’t feel that way about illegal immigrants?"

"Primary debates are not supposed to be entertaining. They are supposed to inform the party base and introduce candidates. The fact that you need to be entertained at all times instead of being informed explains Trump's presidency."

"So the county commissioners want volunteers to choose from a list of SPLOST projects that are handpicked by the commissioners and councilmen, then the commissioners will choose the ones they want. No wonder no one wants to waste their time."

"The commissioners made the requirements more stringent to serve on this advisory committee than to be a commissioner. We need some new leaders in this county."

"What kind of idiot fraternizes repeatedly with a dictator who starves and persecutes his people and rejects and insults our Free World allies? That’s your president, folks."

"Do you mean like the Republicans met Obama halfway?"

"Trump and Kim look like they used to be conjoined twins. They were attached at the head. Now both heads are empty.''

"I can’t imagine why you would feel the same way about Kamala Harris as you do Stacey Abrams. What could they possibly have in common?"

"To the person in the Forum who said Social Security and Medicare should be done away with. I worked 48 years and both were taken out of my check weekly. Mandatory, not voluntarily. I personally think I’ve earned the right to receive my hard-earned money back now that I’ve retired. However, people streaming into this country illegally who never paid in anything shouldn’t be given anything! I worked for mine."

"I would contend that standing up for what you believe, as Megan Rapinoe and others do and have done, is not anti-American, but is very American. If John Hancock, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of our founders had not stood up against what they saw as injustice, July 4 would be just another day. They didn’t salute the British flag or sing 'God save the King' or whatever the British national anthem was at that time. The British thought they should be tried for treason. Many of them had a price on their heads. But they were willing to risk their lives for what they saw as important. They started a tradition of protesting injustice that has been passed down for nearly 250 years. We recently honored those who gave their lives in service to our country. One of the freedoms they fought and died for was freedom of speech and expression, even if they (or we) don’t always agree with what was being said."

"Am I the only one who thinks the 87-year-old woman should at least share the responsibility for what happened to her? The Aug. 14, 2018, Daily Citizen-News stated she had lived in the area for 22 years and became a naturalized citizen in 2001. In that length of time she should have learned enough of our language to understand what she was being told."

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