Today's Forum for July 8

"This land is God's land. It's created for everyone. We were created in his image. These detention centers are unreal and inhumane. It's time these children and parents are put in facilities on properties where they are safe, have food, clothing and necessities that they need. Christians, pray, pray, pray that God's will prevails."

"Some person has done it again. Dumped a poor dog on the side of the road to starve to death. I wonder if this person's family and friends know the kind of person they are."

''Donald Trump is turning our country into a place I don't like. A place filled with violence, hate, disrespect, and it just gets worse because of him. I think he is the pure devil.''

"What do you call a group of 25 idiots who want to destroy America? The Democratic presidential candidates."

"We need a constitutional amendment that would prohibit federal judges from issuing rulings on presidential executive orders. If these people want to run for president, nobody is stopping them."

"I just read this column, 'Democrats disrespect Biden by not appreciating his past.' I agree. But what stumps me is Christine Flowers said she left the Democratic Party in 1980. I suppose she went to the Republican Party. In my estimation, she went from bad to worse."

"Yep, Donald Trump sure did have a chance to become a great military leader. But he was a coward and had five deferments (one for bone spurs that didn't really exist)."

"You know you have a cellphone addiction problem when you can't even go work out without having your cellphone with you. Please, millennials, put them down. It's not that important. "

"Once again the media gets it wrong. Trump's speech was very patriotic, nonpolitical and truly inspiring. Maybe they should just give the guy a break and give him a chance. He's really not that bad and I had reservations about voting for him."

"Yesterday on the Fourth of July President Trump celebrated America and its heroes. Now this really upsets the liberal Democrats. Why is that?"

"I truly appreciate my hometown newspaper, but I want you to know that I really, really, really appreciate page 5A in Thursday and Friday's paper. I agree with the person who called in and said it would be nice if you could print one amendment a day. Thank you."

"If I had a son like Colin Kaepernick I'd disown him."

"European countries and Russia may do this. Our badge of honor is our servicemen and servicewomen. The only reason he did this show of force in Washington on the Fourth is because Russia does it and North Korea. That's it."

"The only reason the Democrats were against the Salute to America parade is because it was Donald Trump's idea. In Greenwood, Mississippi, we always had tanks and military in our Christmas parade as lots of other towns and cities do. As Americans we should all realize how blessed we are. We should cherish, defend and celebrate our America."

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