Today's Forum for July 12

"It is truly pathetic how many Americans show just how ungrateful they are for all the opportunities that America provides. If a person cannot stand and pledge allegiance to the flag or stand for the national anthem of the country that has afforded them so many freedoms to be whatever they want to be and do whatever they wish (within the law), then why do they then choose to live in this country?"

"Cal Thomas is an ignorant person's idea of a smart person. Just leaving that space blank instead of running his column would count as a community service."

"Bernie Marcus said he supports President Trump so rabid Democrats cannot stand that. Democrats are saying boycott Home Depot even though Mr. Marcus has had nothing to do with Home Depot for years. I bet all the Democrat employees who work at Home Depot do not agree."

"Before you point back to what the Constitution says about the census, you might want to read the whole 14th Amendment (that is where your quote comes from). If that is too much, maybe just read the rest of the sentence you quoted. The referenced count is for the purpose of apportioning representation and specifically excludes 'Indians' from the count as not taxed persons. You can read that as not counting people that are not citizens, but that might affect your narrative. As a matter of fact, the preceding section of the amendment is in place purely for the purpose of identifying who is and who is not a citizen."

"Those of you who oppose the citizenship question on the census. Please consider this. The total count by state determines the number of representatives to the House of Representatives and federal dollars allocated to the state. Representatives are responsible for U.S.A. citizens, and federal dollars are your paychecks."

"The census is to count all citizens and determine how many representatives and how much money the states receive. Sanctuary states and cities shouldn’t get money based on illegals, and illegals shouldn’t be allowed to vote."

"Mr. Editor, you need to stop trying to stir the pot. Apparently you and the citizens have forgotten how much has been taken away from the county employees over the years. Employees of this county used to not get overly excited about lack of pay because they had great benefits. In 1999, the benefits were cut so bad it wasn't funny and they were promised great things to make up for those cuts. Those things never happened. So now 20 years later some things are trying to be caught up. This publication was not on its high horse about commissioners taking away from employees then, so get off your high horse now. I know this happened because I was there."

Editor's note: Again, we are concerned about the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners' tactics, not the 2% employee pay raise.

"One more time. We have a republic form of government. We elect people to make decisions. They don’t need to and should not ask the public what to do."

"You guys should lay off the Rocky Face Police Department. They are the only local law enforcement outfit that's never had an officer arrested. They serve and protect us well."

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