Today's Forum for July 28

"We need to lift the age restriction for running for public office. Then, we can elect a group of third-graders to fill political offices. Eight-year-olds would have more maturity and integrity than the majority of those in Washington. That’s Republicans and Democrats. Unfortunately, those immature attitudes are being adopted by many of their supporters, local officials and journalists."

"If President DJT said the world was round, progressives (aka liberals) would say it was a conspiracy to convince their superior intellect that the world was not flat. They would also say that this should be an impeachable offense and he should be removed from office."

"I have a truly hopeless and pathetic life. I became a Republican so I could hate and find someone to blame."

"As for the relative or fan of Lynn Laughter’s comments — 'looking out for the future of the county and shining a light on the groups that lie to us for their own benefit' — she needs to start by looking in the mirror."

"All of these people who want Trump impeached, have you thought about moving to Canada? It's a short drive up I-75 and I'm sure Justin Trudeau would love to have more people."

"I love the way our Dalton mall looks now, they have painted and cleaned it up. I encourage our citizens to shop our malls and downtown stores. I walk at the mall when the weather's bad and usually buy something. Online shopping has hurt our businesses and it's strange to me that so many people voted down a penny tax that would be extended and will go to Chattanooga and pay almost 10 percent tax. Thank you, Daily Citizen-News, for the editorial on art in downtown Dalton. I love this idea."

"I had a limb on my roof, it was on some wires Tuesday morning when I awoke, and I had to call Dalton Utilities and they sent out a gentleman, Mr. Brown was his name, and he was very, very helpful, he called for a bucket truck and they came and got it off the roof and cleaned it up, cleaned all the mess up and everything, and I just want to give them a high five for it. They were so nice and so helpful. We need more people like them."

"Well, I can see down the road just a little ways this SPLOST advisory committee will be a paid job and they'll be on the taxpayers' back just like the county commissioners are."

"I guess since the Democrats have told you we can handle your money better than you can, you believe it. And you probably also believe guns kill people and knives and forks make 'em fat. Some people will pour water over their head and not know that they're in it."

"Congresswoman Omar is right. White nationalist groups pose the greatest internal threat to America. I'm white. The statistics back her comments up."

"Conservatives don't pack up and leave. We love America too much. We stand and fight."

"After watching today's proceedings, the Mueller report, it's obvious that Mueller did not write the report. He had no idea what was even in it. The question is who did write it."

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