Today's Forum for June 14

"One thing I know for sure: No matter what Democrats say, the real truth will only be found at the opposite end of their claims or arguments."

"A big LOL to the comment about the Olive Garden executives coming to town."

''My grandfather's best friend's nephew's next-door neighbor's wife's mother said she saw some people on Cleveland Highway from Hooters. Hope they're coming.''

"County property taxes 101: All us property owners unhappy about tax increases need to remember that those increases were going to happen whether or not the SPLOST passed. Just more of the same tax and spend. We city folks have seen our county tax rate jump 84% over the last eight years while you county folks are choking on a 152% increase. Still they want SPLOSTs."

"Mueller proved it, lock him up."

"Recently, when President Trump was walking across the Potomac River in Washington, the Democratic Party started another futile rumor about him. They’re now saying that he can’t swim."

"Three things for the SPLOST whiners: 1. My two pieces of property's taxes went up less than the 1% sales tax would cost me, yours really did, too. 2. The amount of property taxes owed depends on the millage rate assessed; your elected officials determine the millage rates. 3. You can vote the tax thieves out faster and cheaper than you can remove a SPLOST from the tax-and-spend crowd."

"Don't the same people in the city and county have final approval of how tax dollars are spent and what tax rates will be? Do you see the same problem I do?"

"I’m just wondering how many of the so-called Republican commissioners are attending the Republican Party meetings every month. Or for that matter, have attended any of the meetings."

"Dang! Our county commissioners are tone deaf. Their $100 million SPLOST just suffered a resounding defeat and they're already working on the next one."

"Regarding President Trump's tie. It's become fashionable for many men to wear their tie the length the president does. It helps keep them in place and not separating. Of course he knows how long he wears it. It shouldn't make any difference to anyone."

"Calling the sheriff's department to report a violation or someone breaking the law doesn't work. I've tried it three times and got no response."

"This is for the person that called and asked why Pelosi and other socialists don't give away some of their money. They don't understand how socialism works. They don't give away their own money. They take your money and give it to them. Pelosi's probably got gillions of dollars and all the rest of them, but they'll take yours to give to the poor."

"I wonder if every commissioner has voted in three of the past four elections."

"I say shut the Varnell Police Department down and send all of this ample supply of police officers in Dalton out to patrol that area."

"There are not many buffets in Dalton. Leave Shoney's alone. I like the buffet there."

"Does anybody know if we have a vacuum cleaner shop that works on vacuums here in Dalton? If so, please put the number in the Forum."

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