Today's Forum for June 13

"My wife's sister's next-door neighbor says that his brother-in-law saw a plane land at the Dalton airport last week carrying top executives from Olive Garden. If you ask me, that can only mean one thing."

"Affordable housing will not bring in those elusive $40,000-plus per year young professionals y’all are seeking."

"Not so fast. That’s not how adults apologize. If you want your apology to mean anything, you’re going to have to man up and look that person in the eye."

"From the comment on June 11, I got the historical reference to tribalism and the sowing of hate; that is what the Nazis accused the Jews of. And though the actors and targets have changed, today's American socialists continue the same creed: secularism (check), a mania about race (check), eugenics to eliminate those held not quite human (check). The empowering of this creed is following the same path: take control of education and media by systematically excluding the hated others; shout down those who do not toe the 'Partei' line, then pass laws to imprison them; and all the while accuse your enemies of your hatred and perversions of law, so that when they rightly point out evil, it can be dismissed as just spiteful tit for tat."

"Ah! A citizens SPLOST committee will be formed. Go ahead and apply, people, assuming you meet criteria that commissioners didn't have to meet to run for their positions. Our all-knowing commissioners will add projects if you, committee members, don't submit a proper list. A shiny new county administration building comes to mind."

"A hand-picked panel of SPLOST advisers with no real input. What a novel idea to keep the rubber-stamp, tax-and-spend, good-ole boys and gals network in power. Brilliant!"

"To all you Trump haters out there, quit blaming President Trump for your decision to hate him. Take responsibility for your actions. Quit saying, 'He made me do it.' Some of us are getting very tired of all the temper tantrums you're throwing. Just take your toys, go home and be quiet."

"I wish some of the Trump haters would please list one real thing that he has done that isn't working for the American people. I'm not talking about your warm and fuzzy 'feelings' or personal affronts. I'm talking about an actual policy."

"I think Trump is trying to keep our country safe, but most people won't back him. But if we get overrun, we can just about bet who will get the blame even if he isn't in office."

"The left versus right bickering in the Forum is just Ford versus Chevy for extremely boring people."

"So Michael Reagan didn't like to hear people talk divisive politics on D-Day. I wonder why he didn't mention the whiner-in-chief calling Democrats childish names while he was standing in the Normandy graveyard?"

"To the person wanting the DACA people to go through the proper processes and become legal. Most of them want to and are trying. But you apparently have never seen what they have to go through and the stupid, crazy cost. You almost need a dang nice house to take out second and third mortgages on to go through that process. We are supposed to be the land of the free, not the wealthy and entitled. You folks need to get over yourselves."

"Why hire someone to tear down anything in Whitfield County? Simply place whomever is responsible for maintenance of the north bypass in charge of the object to be demolished."

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