Today's Forum for June 27

"Now we know why President Trump made U.S. tourists stop going to Cuba. The Russian navy sailed into Havana harbor Monday and docked where the cruise ships used to dock. Thank you Comrade Trump."

"Leviticus 18:22 calls homosexuality an abomination giving guidance alongside warnings against incest and bestiality. It labels these things confusion or perversion. Societies embracing these 'confusions' defile the whole nation; curses ensue. No dispensation is given to non-practitioners. Look around. Gone are statesmen, leaving us with uninspired leaders that drive wedges among us. We are mocked by malevolent nations. Our planet reels beneath us — call it climate or weather — while our progeny kill one another, likely learning their lack of respect for life from adults arguing everything from homosexuality to mothers with rights to abort their own. Yes, I believe homosexual relationships damage my heterosexual home."

"Since when is Social Security, Medicare and unemployment benefits a handout? These are paid into by the employee and employer every payday. Some of you people are so misguided it isn't even funny."

"Changing an application deadline is not changing an official county policy, ordinance or code. You're wrong. Stop with the conspiracy theories. State law governs the process for increasing taxes, too, and no county government would get away with raising the millage rate in a work session. County government is a subdivision of the state government, unlike city government, which is by charter. This paper's editorial board is truly uneducated on how local government works."

Editor's note: If the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners isn't changing county policy, why are they voting to change the application deadline for the SPLOST citizens advisory committee? We never said commissioners would raise the millage rate during a work session; only they could reach a "unanimous consensus" to do so.

"In your opinion piece today about the commissioners not voting about extending the committee deadline, you wrote Harold Brooker and the other commissioners know better. That may or may not be accurate. Either way, they don't care. This board has proven they are going to do what they want regardless of rules or taxpayer wishes."

"We can only see 1/8th of an iceberg above water. The other 7/8th is hidden from view. Seeing all the fairly recent (ahem!) missteps by our commissioners makes me wonder how many more remain hidden from public view."

"I'm calling about the Len Robbins column. No, I don't think our kids should be going to school from 8 to 5. I love the fact that our children have a summer. I'm sure Japan isn't going to celebrate Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, they have no reason to. Our American men fought for that right, so Mr. Len you need to rethink it.'

"How can you have a debate between 20 indoctrinated liberals? What's there to debate when everyone thinks alike? It would be like 20 Baptist preachers on the same page. All they would do is talk about how better their church is than the one down the road."

"The elderly lady with the knife shouldn't have been a problem at all. She wouldn't have been a problem for Marines like myself. We were trained for situations like that. I could've taken the knife away from her easily and the policemen are probably trained, too. If not they should be."

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