Today's Forum for June 29

"I sure wish someone could give me an honest reason as to why we have 100 senators when only one seems to have any say. The other 99 just sit on the sideline."

"Anyone who would condone the Tasering of an 87-year-old woman cannot be in their right mind. Perhaps it was her clothing. She didn't look like she was from this area."

"Everyone should read Walter Williams’ explanation on ‘Reparations for slavery’ on Friday, June 28."

"Leviticus, like most of the books of the Bible, has been edited. There’re many different ancient manuscripts that show this to be true. Local preachers aren’t manuscript scholars. According to Leviticus, you sin dozens of times every day. Keep your stone."

"Thanks for Will Scott for reminding us in his column yesterday to be willing to throw aside our busy schedules when the need arises to focus on someone else."

"I was proud to see that we have solved the drainage problem at Edwards Park. This newfound know-how may soon solve the drainage problems that have existed in our road drainage areas for years."

"Social Security and Medicare are not socialist government handouts. Every paycheck you receive you are forced to pay into these accounts. Unfortunately, the government decided to spend this money, that was not theirs to spend, and to give these benefits to people that have never paid into them. If you work and receive a paycheck you have no choice but to pay Social Security. Get educated before you make comments."

"People (and the president) need to stop perpetuating the preposterous lie that Democrats condone abortion at full term or birth. The term for that is infanticide, and it's illegal in all 50 states, as it should be. Tragically, many babies born are stillborn or do not survive after birth because of birth defects. That is a fact of life and death."

"With a pathological liar in the White House, your assertion about Democrats is laughable. Stop pretending you have some moral high ground over Democrats."

"Now that Dalton is free of messy donation boxes, who benefits the most? Will it be those who just wanted to 'do something' but didn't want to get their individual hands dirty?"

"I would like to give a shoutout to the NAACP committee for a job well done with the Juneteenth celebration this past weekend."

"If there's anybody out there that doesn't think that Dalton isn't a little, small town, then that means they've never traveled outside of the city limits of Dalton because Dalton is a small town. You need to get out and broaden your horizons. Get out and do some traveling so you'll see that Dalton is a small town."

"Normally I avoid network TV because so much of it is idiotic, but I just had to watch some of this so-called debate, that violated all rules of debate, among the leftists and socialists. My opinion of network TV has not changed."

"In the second Democratic debate/altercation, Bernie Sanders finally admitted that his proposed free-for-all health care for everyone would require a tax increase. He said that you would pay less for insurance but pay more in taxes. Pay less but pay more — huh and wow!"

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