Today's Forum for June 24

"Is it true that most Democrats in Dalton are socialist and have a pro-communist bent? I just don't know. Do you think that might be true? Do the people in the Forum think that might be true? All they talk about is socialism, so are most of the old-time Democrats that way or would they be willing to not have anything to lose and possible vote for Trump? He is pro-American and not pro-socialism. He is for work. Good, honest work."

"I think PBS stations have an agenda. They are so political now it's ridiculous. Even Rick Steves' traveling show, which I used to love to watch. He is so political now I can't watch it anymore."

"I would be so embarrassed if I was one of those policemen in Chatsworth that Tasered and handcuffed the 87-year-old woman. I would have to move to Florida and never show my face here again."

"I'm sorry, but if you can't see the damage that this president has done to this country and continues to do, it would be a total waste of time to try to explain it to you because you would never understand."

"Yoo-hoo! Here I am. I voted for Obama and I know plenty of people who did."

"The person who said she has seen children using the bathroom in buggies, tell me where that store is so I can be sure not to go there."

"All the Democrats want to do is investigate, investigate, investigate something they started by lying."

"I read and hear about how our President Trump is characterized about how he's such a jerk, basically. But we can all point our fingers to the Democrats for the reason he is the way he is. No sane person could ever handle the abuse that the Democrats dish out to our current president."

"Reality check: Olive Garden ain't coming to Dalton."

"I saw where old Donald was starting his re-election campaign in Florida. The Orlando Sentinel newspaper said anybody but Trump. I wonder how he's going to spin that news."

"To the 77-year-old woman who said she voted for Obama twice and would vote again, I'd like to recommend a book to her. It's called 'Scorched Earth' by Michael Savage. It tells about the Obama administration."

"What has come over people that work in retail lately? I was on the phone the other day for four hours straightening out messes caused by incompetent people in stores. And it's not just Dalton, either."

"Ever since I moved here in 2001, I hear all of the people complaining year after year after year about the county commissioners. I've thought about running for county commission. The problem is because I'm not one of the good old boys I'd never get elected. The people keep complaining but they keep electing the same people to the commission. They don't ever change."

"I would like to see 20 individuals on the Republican side running for president. That way, we can see what percentage of people actually support the current president versus just voting for him because he's a Republican. I know one person personally that said they were going to hold their nose and vote for him."

"Isn't it funny that the Republicans blame their failures on the Democrats just like Trump does?"

"Perhaps the SPLOST committee 'naysayers' wouldn't be critical if the committee were to be given any real power over the process. The county commissioners have justly earned the skepticism and criticism of citizens for their SPLOST shenanigans.

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