Today's Forum for June 12

"My property taxes are up 14%, how about yours?"

"To the lady in Tuesday's Forum who is ready to move and sell her condo because of a $200-a-year increase in her property tax. Do the math. That's a grand total of 54 cents per day. It would take her several years to recoup the cost of moving just to break even and what happens when her rent goes up after she moves to a rental? If you move to save 54 cents a day you're not being very math smart."

"Whitfield County voters recently refused the commissioners' proposed SPLOST referendum to generate additional tax revenue. I am now convinced that they must believe in the old adage ‘that you can either pay us now or pay us later.’ This week I received my residential property 2019 annual tax assessment notice informing me of a 36% increase."

"One of the great things about living in Dalton: Your sanitation truck driver on seeing in the rear view mirror that you just missed getting your garbage out in time, stops on his return down the street to get your garbage can emptied. Thank you for your good work!"

"Varnell wrap-up: Chief Grant gets the month of May off with pay to consider what he will do when he retires. Surely by now Bob's Wrecker Service has heard of cellphones and call forwarding so they don't have to pay somebody to sit by the phone. Hopefully, the county learned that they should regularly pay an outside service to audit their policies to see if they have assumed that everyone knows everything they know and doesn't need to be told how to handle new technology."

"Not only do septic tanks not work well in soggy bottom land (where no one would build a house anyway), they do not work well in clay that is good for making pots and bricks. It has been public knowledge for decades that affordable housing in Whitfield County is dependent upon a sewer system, and economic growth is dependent upon affordable housing. Of course, many people don't want things to change. Maybe things will be different after wandering in the wilderness for 40 more years."

"Since there seems to be a growing effort to spin the lack of affordable housing as the reason for Whitfield County's sliding downhill, what is the definition of 'affordable housing?'"

"Thank you, President Trump. Unemployment lowest in decades including minorities, tax reform and rising gross domestic product. All while the Democrats have been sidelined with their hate and division."

"President Trump's biggest failure is that he has not been able to get the blind to see, nor the deaf to hear."

"How does gutting environmental protections, chipping away at public education, taking the word of ruthless dictators over our own intelligence agencies, insulting longtime proven allies while cozying up to countries who wish us harm and all while blatantly increasing his own wealth make America great, again or otherwise? A statement from a disgruntled Democrat loser? Then explain why his Cabinet picks have fled, why respected conservatives have left the GOP, why hate crimes are on the rise and why most of the world thinks we have an uninformed fool for a leader. More Kool-Aid?"

''If Ford or Chevrolet made cars as good as companies from Germany and South Korea, I would buy one in a heartbeat.''

"Foreign automakers have done more for the South than the domestic automakers have. Ford and Chevy send their money and jobs to Canada and Mexico."

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