Today's Forum for June 26

"Why don't we ever talk about merging counties? Seems like we could save a lot of money on duplicate personnel and facilities without hurting service."

"Gonna be awfully hard to schedule meetings for an 18-person SPLOST committee especially since the schedule to complete their work is short. It's summer vacation time now followed by various fall holidays and fall break for the schools when people travel. Don't forget football! Then it's the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another example of poor planning on the commissioners' part."

"Kyle Wingfield has a valid point. The HRA health account will be very much like the 401(k) account. The folks who need it most can afford it least. When it comes to living paycheck to paycheck with not enough food in the house does the breadwinner pad the ole retirement account and pick a medical plan that actually pays for something? Or do they do the best they can to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, transport their children today, this week, this going back to school season, this Christmas? For God's sake, help us."

'"It's true. When a police office is being threatened they have only seconds to act. But when an 87-year-old woman is standing thew with a small knife and a bag of weeds, that is not much of a threat. It's not like she was running after them trying to attack them."

"I am 94 and if a policeman told me to drop a knife, I'd drop it. But if he told me to sit down on the ground and get up I couldn't do it."

"Most of the things you call socialism aren’t doing so well."

"Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, corporate bailouts, government support of higher education through student loans and grants, farm and energy subsides. Are all socialist handouts that we don't need and we should do away with them. On the other hand, U.S. Armed Forces, public schools, police, fire department and the postal service are a must for our country. I don't see how you could list these with handouts and bailouts."

"Thank you for putting the crossword puzzle back where it belongs."

"The reader who doesn't consider Dalton a small town, if wishes were horses men could ride."

"Wouldn't it be exciting if we all could get as excited as dogs do when they do on car rides?"

"In reference to the president's war games, he was headed in the right direction, how come he turned chicken on us? If that's the case he needs to get out of there."

"The reason the Democrats don't solve any problems is they don't recognize any problems."

"The left wing news media is trying to get a Democrat elected president so they make up lies on Trump and tell all of this outrageous stuff so you can believe them and vote for a Democrat. But they are certainly lies no matter how you put it."

"I'd like to congratulate the young man that read all the books at such a young age and also congratulate all of the kids that do the drawings in the paper. Way to go, kids!"

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