Today's Forum for March 27

"In response to the person who wrote about the four things they never thought they would see, I never thought I would spend $27 to send my friend in Australia toilet paper, but after she told me they had not been able to find it for three weeks, I mailed her a pack."

"I will never understand why the people whom Trump’s policies do the most harm to are his most ardent supporters."

"Do we have a socialist government or not? Trump screwed up by not taking the COVID-19 seriously back in January when we all heard about China's outbreak. He was busy saying it was a hoax started by the Democrats so here we are (the taxpayers) paying the price. Will the piddly cash he is willing to hand out make up for the loss of lives, jobs and hardships?"

"When reading the three major car manufacturers have suspended production, what are our local carpet and support product manufacturers doing to protect our valued employees?"

"Once again Congress has seen to it that we all eat, but the wealthy eat steak, and they throw us a bone."

"As a Forum reader I needed a good laugh this morning. Memphis police running an ad to check meth for the coronavirus and 16 people actually showed up is hilarious! Smart move, Memphis! Dumb move, doggies! Proven fact that drugs fry your brain."

"If I felt like Mr. Goodlett I would ask my employer to lay me off, but I wouldn’t expect them to pay me if they did lay me off!"

"Relying on the Trump whisperers at Fox News to tell you the truth about the coronavirus pandemic may cost you, and those who rely on your judgment, your lives."

"If you receive money from the stimulus and you don’t really need it, think about donating some or all of it to an agency that helps people in need. The United Way and the Salvation Army are two worthy organizations that will get funds to those in need. It would be the right thing to do."

"Joe Biden in his recent return to the spotlight after being oddly invisible last week has received an onslaught of negative publicity. One report stated that it’s incomprehensible how completely confused and befuddled he seems and that he even claimed that a coronavirus cure will only make the problem worse. It now appears that his only probable chance of being elected president would require putting him in a quarantine for the next six months."

"The actual COVID-19 fatality rate is the percentage of infected people who die. Because testing is so limited, we have no idea how many are infected nor a way to accurately run statistical models. But the current method of calculating the fatality rate using deaths divided by the number of identified cases is incorrect and results in an artificially high number. Yes, let's take precautions, but let's realize this inaccuracy."

"I value Christine Flowers' columns. In these troubled times, with paper products being difficult to come by, she helps wipe away my troubles."

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