Today's Forum for Nov. 6

"Some of us can't figure out why the whistleblower will only answer questions in written form for the Republicans. If he has all his 'ducks in a row,' there should be nothing to hide. If he/she is scared of retribution, that should have been taken into account a long time ago."

"Well, it shows not only by the Trump administration and his true followers have absolutely no clue the concept of the whistleblower law and the reason it was created. To protect them from people and groups like the GOP."

"Don't know why everyone in liberal la la land is upset about non-quid pro quo with the Ukraine deal. If Trump is actually saving us money, he should be commended. It is part of any president's duty to set foreign policy."

"I'm reading the editorial in the Valdosta Daily Times on the service delivery agreement and I'm in shock. I shouldn't be but I am. The situation in Lowndes County is a mirror image of what is happening in Whitfield County. It is a shame. Nothing happens for months on end, and then there's a stalemate with neither side ready to talk. The Daily Times gave some reasonable advice but it really boils down to two factors: power and money. To quote Yogi Berra, 'It's déjà vu all over again.'"

"Climate change is real, and it’s caused by humans. If you don’t care about your grandchildren’s futures, just continue to rely on the scientific expertise of Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh."

"Now the Russians are interfering with the 'Dancing With the Stars' show and voting for Sean Spicer."

"CNHI national editor Jim Zachary does an excellent job making sure the government and others are being transparent and being held accountable. Evidently, Mr. Zachary does not read the Daily Citizen-News because I am sure he would frown on the Forum. CNHI needs to practice what it preaches. Don't print anything unless someone puts their name to it."

Editor's note: Zachary does, in fact, read the Daily Citizen-News. He was the company's Georgia regional editor for quite some time.

"I would like to answer a question from the Forum contributor who asked what Trump's done that's so bad. Well, let me just say he hasn't done anything that's so bad. Look at the economy, the world respects us again. We've got a great president. It's just that a bunch of crybaby Democrats can't get over the fact they lost and they hate this country so bad that they want to see it go down. I say thank the Lord for Donald Trump. Amen!"

"Just know President Donald Trump, you are loved."

"Georgia has a good quarterback. Justin Fields has left like other quarterbacks to play for someone else. So Fields decided to leave Georgia and go to Ohio State. That's his prerogative. He didn't break any laws. You've got so many college quarterbacks that left for other schools to play for somebody else, so why do you want to keep putting down the Fields guy and he did nothing wrong?"

"Do you know why Trump doesn't wear glasses? He's already got 20/20."

"I voted for President Trump last time, and I'm going to vote for President Trump this time."

"I've got an idea for Jane Fonda. Why doesn't she go over to China and protest the environment? I bet she doesn't get out of jail next week."

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