Today's Forum for Nov. 23

"It is nonsense to say that the president is not saving taxpayer money by not accepting a salary. Taxpayers have always footed the bills to rent palatial estates and entire floors of 5-star hotels for presidents to hold state meetings or just to vacation. Plus, they got paid their posh salary. President Trump holds meetings at his house, which the government should rightly pay for, but no salary."

"To the reader who questioned how Trump could be profiting from the presidency when he forfeits his salary: $400,000 is peanuts compared to the money funneled to his family business and excessive golfing trips and visits to Mar-a-Lago."

"Would it make you happier if someone else other than DJT was making a fortune off the taxpayers? You should be ecstatic because there are thousands, if not millions, doing so, right down to the local levels."

"Will the Democrats ever realize that President Trump’s popularity is not him personally, but his stand on pro-life, pro-Israel, secure borders and the Bible’s view on marriage and human sexuality? I think it may be time for a third party, maybe a Christian Conservative Party. "

"Trump blocks anyone in his administration from testifying, and then complains about the lack of witnesses. If the call was so perfect, why isn't anyone from the White House willing to say so under oath?"

"It's apparent that the Forum doesn't understand that there are strings attached to any country's dollars that we send them."

"I need some work done around my house. Suppose I can get my name on the SPLOST list? It seems like they're putting everything else on there."

"I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the many upcoming editorials on SPLOST overreach, bemoaning civic investment and wondering why our government can't subsist on goodwill and pawning unused office furniture."

Editor's note: What kind of shape is this unused office furniture in? Local governments may get a better deal posting it on Craigslist than the pawn route.

"Comparing Trump and Pelosi's morals is like comparing a candle to the noonday sun. He has fathered five children from three different women (all of whom he cheated on) including his current wife with an adult film star while she was recovering from the birth of his youngest son. Pelosi married her college sweetheart and is still married to him."

"Walter Williams should talk to an actual climate scientist. Everything in his column has been thoroughly debunked."

"To be Republican is believing what Putin wants you to. Fiona Hill for president."

"Oh how quickly the blind can see when it suits them. The Obamas spent millions more traveling with their entourage around the globe than Trump ever will."

"I wonder who wrote Trump Jr’s. book 'Triggered' for him. The only trigger he’s familiar with is the one on his guns that he uses to kill defenseless animals!"

"Editor, when Trump wins in 2020 will you shut all of those negative, Democratic comments down, please?"

"You could say Donald Trump went to the Alabama/LSU game and LSU won. I think he's president of all the states."

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