Today's Forum for Nov. 29

"I thoroughly enjoyed the special Thanksgiving Day edition of the Forum. It was so pleasant not to be bombarded by Trump-lovers, Trump-haters and all of the accompanying political noise. Very refreshing, Mr. Editor."

"Well those living in the vicinity of Ridge Road who have no concern for people's safety are out early this evening emptying out their fast-firing guns. Nowhere in here is a safe place to shoot. The area is heavily populated with homes, streets and the bypass. What is it going to take for this to stop? Someone getting struck and killed or badly injured?"

"Referencing the comment about mountain bikes on the new trail around Haig Mill Lake. One mountain biker, traveling much faster than walkers, will negatively impact the experiences of nearly everyone who is walking around the lake. A half-dozen riders create total chaos. The trail should either be designated as for mountain bikes, or for walkers, but not for both."

"It now seems as if the Democrats and their media allies who have repeatedly predicted President Trump’s political demise and tried to give Americans the impression that they had him trapped and have boldly pronounced him heading off the edge of the cliff were wrong again. Trump has outsmarted them all, beginning with the country’s booming economy as the liberals keep trying to consistently trash his economic record and keep predicting a recession. No matter what the Democrats throw at him, they just can’t take him down and it’s driving them crazy."

"The Dems did not make up the impeachment procedures, though the Republicans would like you to think that. Actually, both parties should be searching for the truth. Yet, the people who are telling us he’s innocent won’t testify under oath. Why is that?"

"Folks, it’s only spaghetti. Get over it!"

"Could the Dalton Police Department please start giving tickets to drivers on their cellphones? It’s the law, people. It’s mostly drivers over the age of 60, and it really makes them drive recklessly."

"The real problem with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected."

"To the Forum poster: the American people have the right to know who in their government is a crook. That would include present and past presidents, vice presidents, Congress, governors, commissioners, councilmen and judges. God only knows how we are blessed with easy hunting and burdened with the lack of hunters."

"To the unentertained Forum reader, either you’re missing my clever and original content or facts are confusing you. Hang in there."

"Chick-fil-A didn’t cave and I’m sure they’re still making money. Someone finally realized that donating money to groups that actively promote discrimination and hate is not the way that Christians are supposed to behave. It took them long enough. Next!"

"The House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Democrat Adam Schiff, is leading the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and he's done a great job of proving the president didn't do anything wrong."

"I was shopping in a Target store with a red shirt on the other day. Someone came up to me and said I had to cover for Mary Thursday night."

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