Today's Forum for Nov. 15

"If you work for Trump, get ready to see the underside of the bus."

"It appears to me that everyone who is against the impeachment proceedings is saying that it is all right for a president to withhold Congress-approved funds for his own political gain. I guess it is all right also to spend tax-deductible campaign gifts for personal use."

"Republicans know Trump is guilty of all the charges that are being brought against him, but they are going to stick with him, just because they are Republicans. They don't want to remove him from office so it is our duty to remove him in November ourselves. For once forget about your 401(k) being through the roof, and vote for morals and the things that have made our country great.''

"I don't think enough Americans realize the threat Donald Trump is to our national security. Ambassador Taylor gave us a history lesson about the importance of the Ukraine and NATO to our national security. Trump obviously cares little about Ukraine or NATO. Trump has already given the Russians the upper hand in Syria and the Middle East. His capitulation to dictators like Putin and Erdogan could involve the U.S. in a two-front war in the future."

"The person so upset about Kelly Clarkson changing the words to 'Baby, It’s Cold Outside' obviously didn’t see Dean Martin's daughter Dina on TV this week. When asked what she thought about it, she said it was ridiculous to change the words because a few people were offended. The 'me too' snowflake movement has gotten out of hand in this country. Everything shouldn’t be taken as offensive. Lighten up, people!"

"Could stabilizing the Masonic Lodge be a SPLOST project?"

"Rudy Giuliani should be in prison. End of subject."

"I'm just wondering how many more walking tracks and ball fields we need for the small amount of people who might use them. How about doing something on the SPLOST for the rest of the population like for the seniors? Maybe it will be defeated again."

"Whoever put out the 10,000 Loop the Lake signs all over the county needs to take them down just like the political candidates. The event is over and I'm tired of looking at them."

"Thank you to the person who bought three 90-plus-year-old veterans breakfast at Shoney's."

"I wish to thank everyone from Dalton Utilities, Dalton Public Works, cable people and any other individuals who worked so hard Nov. 7 from 4 p.m. until around 2 a.m. Nov. 8 to restore power to the affected areas in the historic district neighborhood. Kudos and many thanks for their efforts and professionalism."

"Trump went to the Alabama game and the Tide lost."

"I agree, if you're going to have a dog by all means take care of it. When it's cold weather, take it in to the house and when it's hot give it shade, water. I see so many people that don't take care of their dogs. It's just not right. If you don't want to take care of them, don't get one."

"Hated to see Southeast coach Sean Gray is hanging it up. He's been a class act and a true role model for the kids on the south end. Best wishes for whatever the future holds for you."

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