Today's Forum for Nov. 26

"There was a slim, next to nothing chance that I might vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Now, after he recently named his two preferred candidates for vice president, Sally Yates and/or Stacey ‘I Didn’t Lose’ Abrams, it’s a snowball chance in Hades."

"The only thing I have figured out about crosswalks, they are like guard rails. It gives drivers something to aim at. They get torn down all the time.''

"Teachers are some of the most criminally underpaid people in our society. Being a teacher merits a pay raise. Period."

"Think back to some of the worst teachers you or your children ever had. Ones that taught by handing out packets of worksheets — busy work — and did nothing to help your child succeed. They skated by on mediocrity, doing a tremendous disservice to their profession and to their students. Bad teachers don't deserve raises. They deserve to be fired."

"Gov. Kemp and the legislators who voted for the teacher pay raise are not the least bit altruistic. It's all a political game. When Kemp and his cronies in the legislature run for reelection, they can point to the teacher pay raise to curry favor with teachers and their powerful teacher lobby groups and unions. These politicians don't care about teachers. They care about their votes."

"Taking a salary is not a business. But staying at your own resorts, along with the full complement of staff and security, is business profit. One-hundred and fifty golf trips to his own resorts his first year, 77 his second year. The Secret Service alone has paid over $250,000 to Trump-owned resorts in the first five months of 2017. The numbers through this year should be shocking. The state dinners and other political guests — you think they stayed for free? Were they fed for free? Then there are a number of foreigners who rent space in his hotels. The man is profiting off the presidency. His salary is insignificant in comparison. And that doesn't even touch the surface of what Ivanka and Jared have been making off their positions."

"Does the Forum contributor really not know the difference between two countries making deals that are government business and deals that are for the president’s personal political agenda?"

"I like all the people that have said they will stop eating at Chick-fil-A now that the company has stopped supporting anti-homosexual organizations. Means I can eat my chicken in peace without worrying about rubbing elbows with bigots."

"I’m willing to suspend reality for a moment and believe Trump when he says that the mainstream media is dishonest. So, to whom does he want us to listen? Him? The most prolific liar I’ve ever witnessed? He forgets that videotape doesn’t disappear just because he decides he wants you to believe something else. Does he want us to listen to and watch Fox? Again, videotape exists of Fox demonizing Obama for the very thing they positively gushed about when Trump did the same thing. I’m talking about meeting with North Korea’s Kim."

"I agree that the yard signs along the roadways are getting out of hand. I suspect that most are illegally placed on road right-a-ways or on private property without the owner's consent. The signs are an eyesore and another form of litter. I suggest you put an ad in the Daily Citizen-News instead. I’ll read that!"

"The article in Monday’s paper saying Colin Kaepernick had a shoe line coming out in time for the holiday season. I wouldn’t have a Nike product if they were giving it away."

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