Today's Forum for Nov. 27

"Let’s put our differences aside and wish everyone a wonderful happy holiday!"

"On Oct. 26, a wonderful truck driver paid for my groceries and disappeared before I found out about it. With no way to contact him directly, I sent a comment to the Forum expressing my appreciation and thanks. For some reason, it was not printed. I have to try again. Thank you so very much. Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten."

"The Forum would be much improved with more original and clever content. Even though that would severely restrict the small cadre of Trump haters since their content is neither original nor clever."

"Pedestrians and mountain bikers aren’t any more compatible on the narrow, winding, hilly trail around Haig Mill Lake than baseball players and mountain bikers would be on a baseball field during a baseball game. Neither can enjoy the experience. Whoever made the decision to allow both didn’t apply a lot of thought beforehand."

"Eddie Gallagher's fellow SEALs were the ones who reported his behavior. Taking a stand with Gallagher and other war criminals means taking a stand against our honorable and upstanding soldiers."

"I support the idea of merit-based pay for teachers, but our evaluation methods are not generally reliable and inaccurate. Using unreliable and inaccurate methods to determine someone's compensation would be ineffective and unjust."

"Doing a bad job at any task doesn't deserve a raise just for showing up."

"A person is not guilty until they face their accusers in a court of law and are convicted by a jury of their peers. Innocent until proved guilty."

"I’ll never eat at Chick-fil-A until they start opening on Sunday. That shouldn’t be long, now that they have lost their morals. Turns out that they worship money over God."

"We don’t need an Olive Garden."

"I know they're likely not involved in this, but kudos to the chamber for improving Dalton's business and commercial landscape that a Fortune 500 restaurant chain like Olive Garden would consider growing in the Dalton market."

"The developer already owns all of the land on Walnut Avenue that has been an eyesore for years. Fix the dilapidated properties (including the vacant lot next to the proposed site) and build your Olive Garden parking lot there."

"Sign problem? The simple fix would be to put a deposit fee of $1,500 to place the signs across the city that would not be refunded if any of those signs remained after 14 days of the election or event. Aldi's shopping carts get put up for 25 cents each."

"Three million more people voted for Hillary because half of what Trump promised was a lie and the other half America’s patriots didn’t want him."

"The president of the United States is the chief law enforcement officer of this nation. It is not only his right but his duty to investigate, or have investigated, crime and corruption regardless of the possible crook's status. As the Democrats say, 'No one is above the law' would also include Joe Biden, the swamp cabal and their crooked progeny."

"I pray that I never go on trial and have these closed-minded folks in the Forum on my jury. The jury would be hung every time! I would have to continue to pay my attorneys and the public gets to pay everybody else."

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