Today's Forum for Nov. 17

"This comment is in response to the comment about the city suing the county cause we're bullies and we've always had more and have always wanted more. Well, I never venture into this county. I never ride on your county roads but I have to pay county taxes and I get sick and tired of it. Why don't you pay city taxes, too, because you do ride into town. However, if you get some commissioners who knew what we were doing we wouldn't be in this mess."

"I'm an Ohio State Buckeye fan and I'm so happy that we have Justin Fields. Thank you, Kirby Smart."

"This is the lady that fell outside of the door at the Walmart the other day and a gentleman got out of his car immediately and helped my husband to get me up. I'd like to say thank you and I'm sorry I didn't thank you at the time."

"Thank you for all of the good coverage and attention you gave to the veterans over the past week or so. It's good to read about somebody other than politicians and ballplayers."

"The college rankings are such a scam. Any other team getting beat would have gotten dropped four, if not five spots, where Alabama drops one spot. They'll do anything to keep Alabama in the top four for the playoffs."

"As far as I'm concerned, you have fur on your head, possibly chest, possibly back, arms, legs. Should we leave you outside as well? Not just dogs?"

"Can someone help me? I'm looking to buy two Valley Point High School yearbooks, 1957 and 1958. Call me at (818) 497-5466. I would really appreciate it. My name is Wayne Brown."

"What genius in Washington came up with having all of these holidays on Mondays? Weekends in small towns are boring enough without adding a third day to it. They ought to move some of these holidays to the middle of the week. That's when people want a break. They don't want a break when they already have two days off. Just like something a politician would come up with."

"My hat is off to the patriotic men and women who were on top of the bridges and waving the flags at all of the travelers on the interstate. Thank you very much."

"I hear Joe Biden is running low on money. He should ask his son Hunter for money. I'm sure he has plenty."

"My daughter, who is in the Army, told me of a diet called keto, which is based on limiting carbs to 10%. It works."

"The impeachment hearings are not a witch hunt, they’re a cleaning of the Augean stables."

"The whistleblower didn't hear President Trump's Ukraine call/conversation directly. They're using second- and third-hand information. They're not a whistleblower, they're a gossiper."

"I have never seen so much division between the Democrats and the Republicans and all of this vitriol."

"I'd like to see the whistleblower's name published, and my name is Ted Underhill."

"I read Micheal Reagan's column on the editorial page and I am very pleasantly surprised. LGBTQ people adopting foster kids. It's quite amazing. It's stunning that a Republican would be in favor of anything in the LGBTQ arena."

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