Today's Forum for Nov. 22

"After watching some of the impeachment inquiry hearings, it seems to me that most, or all, of the evidence that these witnesses have to offer is just their own feelings and opinions based on hearsay information or something that they heard through office gossip. The Democrats, who obviously still can’t get over Hillary Clinton losing the election, are now claiming that this hearsay information is more reliable than direct knowledge or evidence."

"Have you profited by the Democrats trying to impeach Trump?"

"If I had to vote for one of the Democrats today, I would not know who to vote for: Larry, Curly, Moe or Barney Fife."

Editor's note: Is Shemp not electable?

"Anybody who accuses me of something I want to know who they are. I think they ought to release the whistleblower's name. My name is Tony Morgan."

"I think it is so amusing to hear the Democrats talk about Trump's low morals. This coming from people like Pelosi and that AOC. I mean that's hilarious. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black."

"Wouldn't it be a miracle if we could see the Democrats actually doing something for our country besides the hatred that they have for this man since the day he took office? I mean, people, you're pretty brave to go around and say you're a Democrat because all you're saying is 'I hate the president.'"

"Trump doesn't take a salary from the government, but he does stick taxpayers with the bill whenever he goes to one of his expensive resorts. That money ends up right in his pocket and is much more than the presidential salary."

"Trump may not be taking a salary from the government, but you can bet your bottom dollar his earnings far exceed what his salary would be for being POTUS. He's making a fortune off us."

"The amount of money Trump has made from vacationing at his own properties and billing the taxpayers is far, far greater than the salary he brags about not taking."

"If you watch the impeachment inquiry proceedings live, and dismiss the TV commentators, it doesn’t take long to determine for yourself that the Republicans’ strategy isn’t to get to the truth, but to cover up the truth."

"Guilty, guilty, guilty. Trump is guilty. Lock him up."

"I don't mind if Rock Bridge or anyone else uses PTVs downtown. Traffic isn't going fast in the first place, they're mainly going to be used on Sundays when no one else is there anyway and they're required to have headlights, brake lights and turn signals. I can easily deal with that."

"I heard a coyote the other night howling in the cold, so I tried to bring it inside, but I couldn't find it in the dark."

"What about cats? Do you bring your cats in at night when it's cold?"

"Winning five of the last 10 NCAA football championships isn't relevant? Methinks your jealous envy is showing up in the Forum!"

"The response to mass shootings from the media, local authorities and the spineless politicians has become morbid and sickening."

"I'm not sure what's going on with today's society, but it's not good. Nobody wants to do their job, the medical community wants to get you to do your own thing rather than being able to see them. The police department doesn't want to enforce traffic laws. You can see that evidently by driving around Dalton. It's about time people stepped up. If you want to hold a job, if you want to get paid for your job, do your job. Get paid for eight hours, you work eight hours."

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