Today's Forum for Nov. 2

"Reading Friday’s Forum was like being at a Democratic rally. Every comment was anti-Trump. And to the person that said we should all sit down, be quiet and wait, I bet you Democrats would just love that."

"With all of this commotion going on with President Trump, why didn't people get upset when the media's darling, Obama, was running around the world to other countries apologizing for atrocities the United States had committed against them?"

"Folks, the bickering between our elected officials on how to divide and overspend our tax dollars explains perfectly why we need new officials. Vote!"

"Many Forum comments are liberal with hopes of laws being broken by Trump so they can have a gotcha moment. Trump is found not to have done anything wrong despite the Democrat narrative. Because like the collusion attempt, nothing there will pan out. And the last point is those who do not like Fox News are those who are liberal or can't vote. Trump is still winning in 2020."

"It seems the city and county government agencies are treating the SPLOST as a Christmas gift wish list."

"Don't you just love it when a politician says his/her plan will be funded by everyone paying their 'fair share'? Funny thing is they never define how to calculate one's fair share other than the more money one has, the more one will pay. To some, this might sound good. But what if this was applied to everything? What if food prices were based on one's income? Utilities? Housing? Clothes? Sounds ridiculous and unworkable, doesn't it?"

"Simple question. The City of Dalton wants to take full responsibility for the trade center. The county is willing to hand it over. How many millions will it take to upgrade the trade center if a hotel is added? You ready to pay for that, city taxpayers? Bonus question: Do we really need another hotel right off I-75? What is the current average occupancy rate?"

"Is there a grocery store in Dalton that sells garlic or German bologna? I usually buy all beef but lately it is bland and flavorless."

"Trump told Russia about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi but wouldn’t tell an American like Pelosi. No collusion, baloney."

"Justin Fields had his chance at UGA. I didn’t see any greatness when he got the ball. Did you?"

"The Democrats can't stop their impeachment process long enough to ratify the USMCA."

"Would the last person leaving Dalton please shut off the switch at Dalton Utilities?"

"I'm glad our forefathers who fought for our country against the British didn't sit down and be quiet and see what happened."

"I have a way to solve your Whitfield County/City of Dalton dispute and also all of your SPLOST needs and wants. Simply do away with the cities and municipalities. We have to have a county government. We don't have to have the others. We can solve all of these problems by doing away with the city and municipalities."

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