Today's Forum for Nov. 5

"I cannot believe it. I watched the sports scores for the second time this year and the Falcons did not lose. Who did they not play?"

"How interesting! The Republicans have been telling the Democrats since the 2016 election to sit down and shut up — to just get over it. Now, during the impeachment process, I suggested they do the same and a lot of feathers seemed to get ruffled. Apparently, resisting an out-of-control, lying, deceitful presidency is whining, but complaining about holding the president accountable is patriotic. If that’s not a hypocritical double standard, what is?"

"Democrat Bernie Sanders turned 78 last month and he has never contributed anything meaningful to our society, but he continues to keep bashing the people who do."

"Thank you, Kirby Smart, for not bowing to Justin Fields and his dad and sticking with Jake Fromm. The Fieldses pressured for Justin to be the starter, who was not ready. He pouted off to Ohio State who doesn't play an SEC schedule. We have an outstanding young man in Jake Fromm. Go Jake, and go Dawgs!"

"I voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election, and I'm so sorry."

"I know that our little town of Chatsworth is not very big, but one thing you can say is whenever something is done — no matter what it is — everybody comes together. The parade Saturday, everyone turned out. I thought that was wonderful. It's just a good feeling that a little town like this would have so many people that want to do right and help out everybody."

"I have a suggestion. Today's Forum should be named Today's Trump. I'm sick and tired of hearing about him. Could you please just give me one day when his name is not mentioned? I would appreciate it."

"I'm a senior citizen who uses a cane. I was shopping at Providence the other day and inadvertently left my cane in the shopping cart. I didn't even get out of the parking lot and I went back for it. It had been stolen. What a disgrace."

"First it was the Russians helping Trump get elected. Then collusion. Then obstruction of justice. Now, it's quid pro quo. Have you not noticed they've been lying to you?"

"Would someone please write the Forum and tell me what Donald Trump has done that gets him called wicked? Specifically, what has he done to deserve the treatment that he gets? I hear names but I don't hear specifics. I don't think these people that use the names know the specifics."

"I am calling in reference to the person that said 'God does not bless the wicked like Trump.' I would like to say I am laughing at this comment made."

"When our great President Trump gets reelected, I'm going to have a party at my house and I'm going to put my address in the Forum. I want all of my Republican friends to come and rejoice, and you Democrats, too."

"If this so-called whistleblower is so worried about the country and I assume such a great guy, why is he too yellow to show his face? Just wondering."

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