Today's Forum for Nov. 10

"Murray County built their roads and bridges within the existing tax structure. They have also maintained those same roads and bridges for decades. Now all of a sudden they must have a new tax to do so. Oh well, at least they are not suing Whitfield County for a cut of our taxes, yet."

"Living in Murray County, I am not happy with the raising of our sales tax to 8%. The roads we have were built without additional tax money. I believe that people have enough sense to spend those millions of dollars on our own needs. My daddy taught me to never vote for a tax."

"The Forum appears to have an odd policy of letting us name national figures, but refusing to print direct criticisms of local politicians. Are there internal guidelines for what gets printed?"

Editor's note: In the interest of fairness, I did not run any comments related to our local races before the election. Now that the election is over, I am publishing comments about our local elected officials — both positive and negative.

"It is regrettable that the old solution of tar and feathering inept politicians is no longer allowed. They were then provided a rail to ride out of town on. This is now strictly illegal. This is a tongue-in-cheek statement of fact and frustration about our officials. We still have the ability to vote, may I suggest you do so."

"I may not be the sharpest tack in Dalton but what in the world is a service delivery agreement? You hear all about it but never find out what it is. Please enlighten us as to what it is."

Editor's note: A service delivery agreement is a pact among a county and city (or cities) that aims to reduce overlapping services. The service delivery agreement between the City of Dalton and Cohutta, Dalton, Tunnel Hill and Varnell is 39 separate agreements covering everything from ambulance service to historic preservation to zoning.

"I was reading the Forum where someone said 'God bless Donald Trump.' I also would say to put in there God bless America because we've got some rough roads ahead of us. So if you don't mind putting that in the paper, God bless America."

"Yes, God bless President Trump. Lord knows he needs all the help he can get."

"To the person that said what happened in the Ukraine was not a quid pro quo, it's extortion. That's right, what Joe Biden did was extortion."

"We pay Congress good money. I don't know why they stay on break all the time."

"Well, the city is suing the county. The city can't stand it because the county has a little bit more nowadays. The city has always had more and they have always bullied the county, so now then the county is coming up alongside and they can't stand it. Sounds like bullying to me."

"I agree with the person that said just leave politics out of the Forum for one day, just one day something besides politics."

"This is in response to the one that voted for Trump last time and they were sorry. I'm 82 years old, been voting Democrat all my life but I voted for Trump last time and I will vote for Trump again this time."

"Temperatures are supposed to be in the 30s. Please don't chain your dogs outside. They belong in the house. I don't understand if you're going to chain them why you got them in the first place."

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