Today's Forum for Nov. 30

"It is now being reported that Trump's golf trips have cost Americans $115 million. Of that amount, many hundreds of thousands ― perhaps millions ― of dollars have gone into his own hotels and golf courses. That is equivalent to 287 years of the presidential salary."

"You need glasses. Mostly drivers over 60 are talking on their phones? The younger generation seems to think texting and talking on their phones is OK. Every day I pass drivers on their phones or texting!"

"This is to the guy that was talking about Santa Claus and Donald Trump. I don't care what you say about Donald Trump but leave Santa Claus alone. He's a real good guy and he comes to my house every Christmas. Leave him alone. Get off his back."

"This is to the guy that said dogs were kin to wolves and should stay outside. Wolves and coyotes don't stay outside on a chain. They can go get in a den and stay warm. Poor old dogs on a chain can't do nothing. They don't need to be on a chain."

"Wish your mother would quit calling in defending you."

"I'm calling about the comment about being stuck with Jake Fromm and taking another SEC East title. I'd like to know from the person making the comment what college team did he play for and what title did he win?"

"I'm a Georgia Bulldog fan and I'll admit that Justin Fields is a whole lot better passer than Jake Fromm, but all we ask him to do is hand off. Go Dawgs!"

"I was noticing I just paid a dollar more for milk today. Does anybody know of a cow shortage we're having? Is there a serial cow killer running around doing away with all of the cows? Just wondering."

"Mr. Ted Underhill, have you ever watched the movie 'Fletch'?"

"I'm curious. How is it that so many people overheard the president's phone call? Have the Democrats got the place bugged? I mean, they are crooked and will go to all ends. We've already seen that in all of these testimonies."

"Quid pro quo has always gone on under presidents years and years past. So what's the big deal with Trump trying to do quid pro quo, which he really didn't do, but if he did it would be legal?"

"Sanders and Warren are campaigning on forgiving student loan debt. It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer to pay off debt incurred by someone else. Get to the root cause of the problem, cost of college education, value of the degree and ease of obtaining a loan with no collateral."

"Once again I see Starbucks denigrating our law enforcement by labeling an order placed by 'Pig.' Starbucks does it, apologizes, does it again, apologizes, same disrespectful thing over and over. Why would any red-blooded American support a business that continues to downgrade law enforcement? I certainly don't and will never enter their door!"

"Thanksgiving at my house with the family was perfect until the political talk started. What a way to ruin a perfect holiday. If this keeps up I'm thinking about having Christmas by myself to avoid all of this needless drama."

"Dan Quinn loses yet another game and owner Arthur Blank doesn't have the gumption to fire him. Does Quinn have some sort of blackmail material on Blank? This is utterly ridiculous."

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