Today's Forum for Nov. 3

"Rev. David Henderson again writes a truth direct from God's word that religious leadership should seriously read, re-read and read again standing before their mirrors."

"If Trump doesn’t mean what he says then why is he president?"

"I have no problem with a motel/hotel next to the white elephant known as the trade center. I do have a problem with the government forcing the taxpayer to participate in enriching private individuals. This makes me wonder exactly who or what is getting the benefits of my hard-earned dollars."

"If a hotel at the trade center was a viable business venture it would have been done. By some business. The only way it can happen is to be subsidized by a government (city/county)."

"If the City of Dalton and Whitfield County have had 10 years to reach a service delivery agreement, I ask them, why have you waited until the end of the 10 years to start working on this vital and important agreement? I don’t care if one of the groups refused to meet or discuss this matter. This should have been dealt with, period. We elect these people because we think they can do the job and then they all turn into spoiled brats. I, for one, am tired of two sides that can’t come together for the good of the whole. You have one job, please do it."

"Guess Beto O'Rourke found out the hard way he's not coming after anyone's guns or rifles."

"I believe that Justin Fields was humbled when he came to UGA thinking he was the man and wasn’t willing to put in the hard work that it took to be a starter. When he transferred he knew that he would have to work hard and learn their system or go home and hunt a regular job."

"Trump's lawyers argued in court that he cannot be prosecuted for any crime while he is president. He wants to be above the law. If Obama had tried that you'd have burned down Washington."

"I like all of the pro-Trump comments in the Forum. They confirm my views about the need to seriously improve public education in this town."

"The only reason that the Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump is the fact that they know if he runs again next year, 2020, he will be reelected and they don't like that because he can't be told what to do. He is his own person and he does and says what he wants to and they don't like that because he is not being dangled down like a puppet."

"I would be just as happy if Trump sat down from now on and was quiet as a little mouse."

"People have a need to associate themselves with a label, in order, they believe, to justify or affirm themselves — liberal, conservative, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, moderate, progressive. It amounts to very little in the end. Of course, it is the structures of men which invent these labels which serve to divide us up."

"How can we get Georgia to stop participating in this infernal time change? It messes with my health. It's messing with my sleep. It messes with my meals. It's not good. How do we get Georgia to get out of this?"

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