Today's Forum for Nov. 8

"Like Stacey Abrams, the GOP Kentucky governor has formally requested a recount. Unlike Abrams, there were no polling stations in targeted areas that were closed down and no voters knocked off rolls. Is he a sore loser, too? Just asking."

"Do you find it strange that everything a Republican says is the truth and everything a Democrat says is a total lie?'

"A politician just needs to get elected. They don't need a mandate."

"Some of us didn't vote because we wanted a choice, not an echo."

"Eleven votes. That's 11 more than your guy."

"If the Trump economy is strong why is the far right-wing Trump supporter Gov. Brian Kemp ordering all state agencies to cut their budgets for next year and the year after?"

"Kudos to Rep. Ginny Ehrhart for shining a much-needed spotlight of rationality on the growing tragedy of the politically correct issue of child abuse as it relates to so-called transgender children. Gender dysphoria is a recognized psychological disorder and as such should be treated with psychotherapy, antidepressants and antipsychotics as are other types of mental illness. Why then are puberty blockers, lifelong hormonal therapy, irreversible bodily mutilation and requiring society to participate in this delusional charade the only acceptable handling of this issue?"

"Was under the impression that since everyone recognizes who President Trump is that it would be ridiculous to answer questions face to face."

"I was worried that the City of Dalton department heads and other employees who want to manipulate the mayor and council instead of being held accountable would keep Pennington from winning the race for mayor. Then I remembered that none of the city employees live in the city anyway, and therefore couldn't vote in the race. So there you go."

"The Democrats taking control of the Virginia legislature for the first tine in 26 years along with Kentucky having their first Democratic governor since 1979 proves in a way that nothing else could that the American people have rejected the presidency of Donald Trump. This is a pretty strong comment coming from a Republican of 45 years who voted for him."

"What was happening in Ukraine was not a quid pro quo. It was extortion."

"The people of Murray County will live to regret voting this TSPLOST tax in because those that are in power in local government will never quit wanting another TSPLOST tax over and over and over again."

"I'm glad to know that the TSPLOST was passed in Murray County because the streets need repairing badly so maybe they'll use this time and money to correct and take care of these problem roads."

"God bless President Trump."

"The whole purpose of the Mueller report was to find collusion between Trump and Russia. The Mueller report said they could not find any collusion between Trump and Russia. Period."

"What a treat in Wednesday's paper. A letter from David Bean and a column by Dick Polman. I learned a lot from those two gentlemen. Keep them coming."

"Have you noticed when Trump holds a rally he doesn't speak about substantive issues? It's all grade school name-calling and insults and how great he is."

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