Today's Forum for Nov. 4

"As a caregiver to my Vietnam veteran dad here in Dalton and as a brother to a Navy veteran in heaven, I want to salute the Coahulla Creek High School marching band for an amazing halftime show. God bless you for honoring all veterans in such a special way. On such a chilly night, my tears were a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many."

"This seems to be an era when Democrats are awfully concerned about fairness and paying your fair share. Just what is a fair share of something that someone else has worked for?"

"Something that’s very important for everyone to know is when to stop arguing with Democrats and just simply let them be wrong."

"Trump's lawyers argued in court that he cannot be prosecuted for any crime while he is president. He wants to be above the law. If Obama had tried that you'd have burned down Washington."

"I like all of the pro-Trump comments in the forum. They confirm my views about the need to seriously improve public education in this town."

"Maybe if the county leaders can lawyer up like the city did, we could lose near a million dollars with no results like Valdosta/Lowndes County did. Maybe we can get a law passed that says no city or county can hire slick, out-of-town lawyers to interfere with the city/county service agreement."

"College football analysts along with doctors, weathermen and stockbrokers still get paid even if they’re wrong. I didn’t include politicians because I’m not sure why they get paid."

''I'm so glad Georgia is stuck with Jake Fromm.''

"Justin Fields is the superior athlete to Jake Fromm, but Kirby Smart's run-first, conservative offense would not have taken advantage of Fields' talent. He would have wasted his college career in Athens. Georgia fans should be happy for him succeeding at Ohio State, not running him down at every opportunity."

"At least the Falcons didn't lose this week."

"How many other motels and hotels do we have that were partially built with taxpayer funds? Asking for an overtaxed, poorly served citizen. Vote!"

"We need a hotel next to the trade center as much as we need another hiking trail in Dalton."

"I hope all of the complainers out in Forum Land get out on Tuesday and vote. Gripe all you want, but if you're not casting your ballots and making your voices heard then I don't want to hear from you. I hope this message motivates at least one person who wasn't planning on voting to get out there and vote."

"Suggesting that folks sit down, be quiet and wait was just that, a suggestion. If you’re not happy with that, then stand, make noise and be impatient if it makes you feel better, but impeachment is a legal procedure that will play itself out in time. All your fidgeting and squeals will have no effect on the outcome. Though you’re in the minority if you oppose impeachment, even if you were with the majority of Americans who want our elected officials to do their job and impeach, your opinions would have no effect on the outcome. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is."

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