Today's Forum for Nov. 20

"Did anyone else notice the booing and jeering when they sang 'The Star-Spangled Banner' before the NFL game in Mexico City Monday night?"

"It's so predictable. I ask Trump supporters a question — a serious question — and the response, the only response, is my question turned around with Obama being the subject of my premise. What that tells me is that that person doesn’t have any facts or information to draw on."

"Forget MAGA. Trump only cares about what’s good for Trump. His goal for America is to turn it into a dictatorship so he can run it like those 'good guys' in Russia and North Korea. Surrounded by his family and sycophantic followers, he’s working to disembowel our justice system, our legislature, our free press and our economy. Our Constitution was designed to provide checks and balances to this kind of executive malfeasance, but GOP legislators have abdicated their share of that responsibility because they’re afraid of losing their own power."

"Donald Trump will rise above this ruse of impeachment hearings to be reelected to the office of the presidency in 2020. After this failed Democratic coup, he will emerge stronger than ever."

"The Democrats' impeachment hearings remind me of children throwing tantrums to get what they want. They think if they keep it up long enough the grownups will get tired and give in."

"You wouldn’t consider not immunizing your own children, but would you want an epidemic?"

"Immunizations have eradicated some of the most debilitating, deadly diseases. Now, I fear those diseases are coming back due to the selfishness of parents and individuals who don't believe in science. They only react to fear."

"I can remember when Saban was the man and Alabama was relevant."

"Another SEC East title for the Bulldogs. Kirby sure is looking 'Smart,' wouldn't you say? This comment is dedicated to all of the Kirby-haters out there."

"Ask Secretary of State Mike Pompeo what the underside of the bus looks like."

"To the Forum commenter that is taking his business elsewhere because Fox News was playing on the TV in the waiting room, grow up! What's on the TV in the waiting room has no correlation to the quality of the service provided. Also, if you never listen to dissenting opinions you can't truthfully evaluate the validity of your own."

"I'm offended when I go to places and sports are on the TV. I don't like sports so they should turn the channel or I'm taking my business elsewhere. My, oh my, some people are so easily triggered over the smallest things!"

"Golf carts in downtown Dalton? I don't have faith that this City Council will make the correct decision on anything."

"Dear City Council members. Downtown Dalton was not designed with PTVs in mind. Rock Bridge Church could run a small shuttle bus to transport churchgoers with mobility limitations, or use volunteers to provide valet parking service at the church door. As to other downtown businesses providing free shuttle service via PTVs, why would they do that in such a small downtown area? How many could afford a $10,000 golf cart and pay someone to run it? This PTV concept is a solution looking for a problem."

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