Today's Forum for Nov. 11

"It's only a matter of time before the Dalton City Council sues the citizens of Whitfield County for breathing the city's air."

"I hope David Pennington's first move as mayor is to rid the city streets of all of these annoying speed bumps. The city has zero data to prove these annoying speed bumps have improved the safety of our roads. They are just an annoyance."

"Dogs have fur. Leave them outside during the winter."

"For the person who said that Pence would pick his vice president: Pence would become president if Trump were removed. Nancy Pelosi would become vice president. When the Democrats got rid of Pence, Nancy would become President. That is how Gerald Ford became president. Surely, even Democrats do not want Nancy as president."

"Who was in charge of naming the Dalton Bypass? We have the North Bypass and the South Bypass. Can we have a nicer name for it? Marietta calls theirs North Marietta Parkway and South Marietta Parkway."

"In response to the Forum caller's statement criticizing Trump's economy stating the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and wages are at an all-time low. Actually we have the lowest unemployment rate in decades, including blacks and Hispanics, plus increased wages."

"Should we really impeach a president for asking for a favor that never ever happened? I’m confused about what you would impeach him for, but this action does not rise to the level of impeachment. Impeachment is like the death penalty for a public official, and if you read the telephone call transcript there is nothing that warrants the death penalty. The American people should be making this decision at the ballot box, not the deplorable and shameless members in the media and the liberal Democrats in Congress who dillydally and lollygag their time deceitfully while allegedly representing us."

"Too sad for words really when it's reported that a number of people went to vote at the wrong location or, worse, went to the right location in the county but didn't know there were no county elections on the ballot.

"From this city taxpayer's standpoint, the 'hole' has been created in the current administration due to taxpayer money paid to certain individuals thanks to ill-conceived city decisions (remember?), as well as the mounting service delivery agreement legal costs which could have and should have been avoided if the mayor and council had done their jobs and worked through the issues during 2019."

'To the people of Murray County, please come out and cheer for the North Murray Mountaineers Friday nigh as they host the Monroe Area football team in the first round of the playoffs. They have an awesome team.''

"You may be a sharp tack, but you must not read the Daily Citizen-News because they’ve explained the service agreement to death for the last month or so."

"The dessert of the day in Alabama is humble pie with a just a touch of cajun spice."

"I must have missed it, but did the Citizen run a notice last week that the Veterans Day Parade was this weekend? I recall seeing a lot of ink devoted to Trump's political stunt in Atlanta, but not much for our veterans."

Editor's note: Yes, the Dalton Veterans Day Parade was in the Community Calendar on Friday and Saturday. We published an editorial on Friday encouraging people to attend.

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