Today's Forum for Nov. 7

"I went to the local Social Security office to apply for retirement benefits. Ms. Colquitt and Casey both helped me, and they could not have been more pleasant or helpful. In fact, my last three visits to the Dalton Social Security Administration office have been friendly, efficient and downright delightful — not what we are programmed to expect from a government agency. I do not like what is happening in D.C., but our local federal agency is a-OK. Keep up the good work!"

''I'm happy to see the people of Murray County passed the TSPLOST. Very smart move.''

"I can trust Donald Trump, who is a billionaire and then became a politician, considerably more than I can trust a politician that becomes a billionaire by being a politician."

"Now that is funny. You think the whistleblower doesn't have their ducks in a row because they will answer Republican questions in writing but not face to face. Yet you probably thought it was just fine that Trump answered in writing, not face to face. And the whistleblower knows if they go live they will be exposed. This whistleblower isn't stupid."

"FYI: Whistleblowers are anonymous because they are calling out the establishment and the establishment often retaliates. Would you be even asking this question if the whistle hadn’t been blown because of a demagogue’s wrongdoing?"

"If you think the Mueller report exonerated Trump, either your head is in the sand, you’re getting your information from Trump’s tweets or you’re choosing to believe only things that validate your beliefs."

"Astounding! Dalton's citizens, including all those church-going folks, show they don't care with their voter turnout."

"Kinda funny the person who was gripping that CNHI shouldn’t print anything in the Forum unless they signed their name to it didn’t sign their name either!"

"Democrats keep harping about income inequality. Do they not understand that every job has a value based on demand, personnel availability and skill set requirements? Brain surgeons should make more than unskilled factory workers and they do. Also, raising the minimum wage higher and higher eliminates many unskilled jobs by making it cheaper to automate them. Democrats continue to demonstrate they have no clue about the economics of supply and demand."

"Eleven votes. Not exactly a mandate."

"Thank you to David Pennington for taking his campaign signs down so quickly. Some of you other candidates need to get busy."

"For all of you climate change fanatics who think the world is going to end in a dozen years, ponder this. Scientific proof isn't final. It's constantly evolving."

"David Bean's letter to the editor about being underpaid is spot on."

"I have a question for your Forum readers. Do you think it would be considered politics or favoritism when you try to enroll a child out of district in the county and you are told there are no spaces in that grade. Then you get a text saying, 'Oh wait, the athletics director can fix that since they're an athlete.' Are there really open spaces or are we pulling strings? Just a question."

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