Today's Forum for Nov. 21

"PTVs are a great solution to mobility downtown. They should think bigger and allow the service to run to Crown Mill and the Creative Arts Guild!"

"PTVs sound like a terrific idea — until somebody gets hurt."

"Why do most Forum comments addressed to Republicans get answered with 'What about ... ?' Try answering the question asked. If you want to indulge in 'whataboutism,' write your own comment."

"Actually, I care if Colin Kaepernick plays football again. It’s not because I’m interested in football, but because I support American heroes. He probably has a cushy life, but he risked it to stand up (kneel, actually) for justice. He wanted you to care that black people, in an encounter with the law, stand a much greater chance than a white person of being harmed and/or killed. So, when you counter that with all lives matter, you may think that’s clever and inclusive, but it shows that you don’t get it. It shows that, to you, black lives don’t matter as much as white ones. Hence, the need for heroes."

"I totally agree with Christine Flowers’ article in Wednesday's Viewpoints page ‘Disney+ ruins classics with new trigger warnings.' These classic movies were and still are totally heartwarming and funny! Although I love John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, I feel they have destroyed the classic song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.'"

"Why do Christine Flowers and others like her get offended over everything? Just relax, enjoy life and let every little trigger slide off you like water on a duck's back."

"On Tuesday, Trump smeared a serving member of the U.S. military, who is a combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Any Republicans want to tell me how that is supporting the troops?"

"I am appalled that U.S. congressmen and the president of the United States would make fun of a U.S. soldier for wearing his uniform to an official U.S. government event. Even more appalled that a U.S. president asked a foreign government to investigate a U.S. citizen when he has at his beck and call the CIA, FBI, NCIS, CID and numerous other U.S.-based investigative agencies. Most appalling is the time the president of the United States of America made fun of the parents of a U.S soldier who was killed defending us all. I will not vote for the current president of the United States of America or anyone who defends his un-American actions."

"Referring to impeachment, a process designed by the founders to ensure accountability, as a 'coup' tells you everything you need to know about their respect for the Constitution."

"If you didn't attend the Downtown Dalton Development Authority meeting Tuesday night, you missed out on a great presentation about the future of downtown Dalton. Really looking forward to seeing it happen!"

"To the person who thinks Trump has turned the presidency into a profitable business, he doesn't even take a salary from the federal government."

"The thing that bothers me about Polman's descriptive piece, as was worded in the Forum, is how so many educated people are still for Trump. That's disturbing to me."

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