Today's Forum for Nov. 1

"Mr. Editor, thank you for not following the lead of the national news media. If you used 'unprecedented' and 'bombshell' with the frequency they do, I'd have to cancel my subscription."

"How credulous do you have to be to think that bipartisan hearings are somehow a super-secret Democratic plot?"

"Everybody respects the United States’ Constitution and that we are a country of laws and that no man is above the law ... unless, of course, it ruffles your personal feathers. Trump supporters, listen! You can support him, or any other candidate in many legal ways, but know that the laws of our land include a process for looking into wrongdoing by any president. It’s called impeachment. It’s not used arbitrarily. If something happens to set the wheels in motion, then the process will unfold. It’s not a personal tool to be used for revenge or retaliation. So, respect all the laws of the land. If Trump truly did no wrong, that will be uncovered, too. Trump, as with everything else, has made this personal, and has whipped his base into an indignant frenzy in order to usurp an important component of our American democracy. If you truly love and respect America you’ll sit down, be quiet, and see what happens."

"For two years Jake Fromm has been the talk of the SEC. And now you think we're stuck with him. Give him a chance, he will recover.''

"A hotel will help bring stuff to that underperforming center all right, it will be millions more of our tax dollars wasted. There will not only be an empty trade center, there will also be an empty hotel. Let’s start an investment company comprised of the people who want a trade center hotel. They can waste their own money!"

"God does not bless the wicked like Trump."

"Republicans stormed a meeting that was already attended by Republicans. Do some research."

"The only situation in that situation room was everyone other than Trump trying to make a believable genuine face through their immense shame of posing for a staged, lying, propaganda photo after hauling in Donnie from his golf cart."

"Imagine, it’s 1978 and you have somehow wandered into the Guyana camp of the Rev. Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple cult, just as they are preparing to drink the Kool-Aid. That is how I feel as I go about my daily routine, encountering waiting rooms filled with wild-eyed people glued to big screen TVs blaring Fox News."

"What is it about mayors? And this is true whether you're talking about big cities or small towns. The really good ones are few and far between and the bad ones are like bad pennies, they keep coming around and keep getting elected. Chattanooga had one that did absolutely nothing and stayed in office for 17 years. I won't name any names but anybody that ever lived there in the '80s will know who I am talking about."

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