Today's Forum for Nov. 25

"I can't describe my feelings on Nov. 9 when the cashier at Food Lion told me that my order had been more than paid for by an incredibly generous fellow customer. Many thanks to you, my anonymous friend. I think of you often, and I always will."

"I used to go out of my way to eat at Chick-fil-A because they supported Christian and Biblical principles but I will no longer make that effort since Chick-fil-A has caved to pressure of the almighty dollar. I can get a chicken biscuit or chicken sandwich, just as good, at most any fast-food restaurant!"

"Donald Trump seems not to understand that the bulk of the government is made up of nonpartisan people who have worked under Democrats and Republicans alike. He genuinely thinks he's discovering some kind of secret when he points out that some of these people worked under Obama. And Bush. And Clinton. Some all the way back to Reagan."

"To the person saying Trump is not being allowed the ability to defend himself in the House hearings. You are wrong. He and his administration have been offered, some even subpoenaed, and they have refused because they as Trump said may commit perjury. So yeah, he and they all have the chance but prefer to refuse and blame it on the House committee for not letting them."

"How is it that the Downtown Dalton Development Authoriry has to hire the Carl Vinson Institute to determine how many businesses and employees are in the downtown business district? We're only talking about six blocks and a chunk of that is church property. How hard could that possibly be?"

"Watching Fiona Hill joust with Devin Nunes was like watching a debate between Madame Curie and Ronald McDonald."

"The only thing that happens when a whistleblower is named is it gives the guilty a chance to ruin the honest person. Republicans want to punish honesty."

"Just curious why local politicians want to cut the smallest portion of our taxes and we are excited about it, yet no one mentions the part of our taxes that go to the schools are robbing us blind with no accountability. I have no confidence in our local politicians or school systems."

"To the person that thinks that Trump not accepting his presidential salary offsets the profit he makes from unethically routing government personnel and functions through his resorts, I am still laughing. The presidency may be the only business he’s successfully run."

"Republicans remind me of my little granddaughter. Every time you point out her misbehaviors she says, well my grandson did this or that. Just like the Republicans, every time you point out Trumps mistakes they say, well Obama did this or that. They never take ownership of his mistakes or try to correct them"

"I've been to 10 of North Murray's 11 football games this year. Had to use vacation days every other Friday. Never expected them to go this far and now I'm almost out of vacation days as they travel to Savannah to play Jenkins High School. I wish I would had used my days more wisely.''

"In football a good offense is fun to watch but a great defense wins games. Go Dawgs!"

"Trump did what he said he would do? Which lie was that? I’ve lost count. Doing this much bad requires your help."

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