Today's Forum for Oct. 11

"I'm quite disappointed with the City Council's denial of two of Bryan Spence's three rezoning requests after giving him the runaround for several months. They'd rather see the land empty than expand the tax base? Or would they rather see factories built where houses should be? Come on, people!"

"Responding to the recent dissenting vote regarding a real estate zoning change by the Dalton City Council because they had concerns about the density of the proposed developments and the possible impact on traffic and the means of ingress and egress to the properties. These are the same people who always use selected talking points during community meetings about the needs for more affordable housing and a larger property tax base for Dalton. Also, these same people who have very little experience in real estate matters go against the approved decisions made by an experienced majority of the planning commission after they had made a very lengthy and thorough investigation of these properties."

"I have lost an artist pencil case. It has mechanical pencils and charcoal pencils. It's either on Tibbs Road or up Walnut Avenue going towards Kroger. If anybody finds it would you please leave your number with the Forum? I'll contact you to retrieve it. Thank you so much."

"Impeachment is not a coup, or an effort to undo an election. It's a lawful constitutional process to deal with presidential lawbreaking. Take it up with the framers."

"Someone posted a copy/paste screed about Pence pardoning Trump and making him vice president. They should probably know that the penalty for impeachment prohibits Trump from holding 'any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States' and that their fever-dream fantasy is unconstitutional."

"Did the Braves go practice with the Falcons Tuesday and early Wednesday? This ain't right, man!"

"It's been more than a year since Dalton refused to sign a 10-year extension of the service delivery agreement due to concerns regarding taxation for services not provided city residents. During 2019, did the county think a signed agreement would fall from the sky? Did the city let the clock keep ticking rather than push for meetings? What we have here is a failure to communicate caused by a lack of leadership."

"I'm happy to see the Dalton City Council has outsourced its decision-making to McDonough."

"Great to see Ina Fay's back sharing facts and common sense in her letters to the editor."

"It should be against the law for the CIA to go in collusion with the Democratic Party to try and take out a sitting U.S. president."

"The veteran that criticized my attitude toward the dentist should be ashamed of himself. I'm a combat veteran. I'd bet money that he is not. The only time I'm not hurting — and I'm not talking about my teeth — is when I'm sleeping. I've got shrapnel in me and severe gunshot injuries. They tell me my days are few."

"I can't believe Trump is pulling out of Syria and letting all of those people die. He has no conscience whatsoever."

"I agree totally with Suzanne Baggett's letter in the Daily Citizen-News on Oct. 7. Kasey Carpenter needs to be looking after the citizens of Georgia, not the illegal people."

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