Today's Forum for Oct. 5

"I am amazed at the imprecision of language, written or spoken. Well, maybe not language but the way people spin what a statement actually means. Remember President Clinton's classic response to a question? 'That depends on what the definition of 'is' is.'"

"I have decided that I despise human resources personnel more than any villain I can think of. I simply abhor them."

"Please republish the locations of the glass recycling drop-offs."

Editor's note: The four Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority recycling locations are: Old Dixie Highway Landfill and Convenience Center (4189 Old Dixie Highway), Westside Convenience Center (1536 Miracle Drive), M.L. King Convenience Center (1924 M.L. King Jr. Blvd.) and McGaughey Chapel Convenience Center (819 McGaughey Chapel Road). For days and hours of operation, visit or call the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority’s main office at (706) 277-2545 or the Recycling Center at (706) 278-5001.

"Adam Schiff is a Democrat. Adam Schiff is a politician. Adam Schiff tells lies. Based on this, should we conclude all Democrats are liars or all politicians are liars? Or maybe that both conclusions are true?"

"The thing that is driving the Ukraine telephone call impeachment is that the president withheld congressionally-mandated support from an ally until they agreed to help his reelection campaign."

"Wednesday morning as we were waiting at the foot of the bridge to turn onto Glenwood, there were cars turning off Glenwood to go over the bridge and about three of them almost hit us. There weren't any cars coming the other way, and they could have moved over instead of turning like they did and getting that close. What's wrong with some people?"

''When Trump gets impeached and removed from office, I'm throwing a big party. Everyone is invited.''

"I disagree with your statement that you are disappointed that taxpayers did not submit more suggestions for the SPLOST. I think it shows that we don’t want to spend our money on frivolous parks and trails. If they come up with projects and a budget, I think it has a better chance of passing. I bought a pair of shoes for $129. The tax was $7.74. With SPLOST it would have been $9.03. Commissioners, it is more than a penny."

"SPLOST project: Train quiet zone downtown."

"Have those working on the SPLOST never heard of doing only those projects that are a must or an absolute necessity? People in this area just don't have the financial means to pay for all these fantasy and aesthetic projects wanted by the wealthier residents who can afford to pay for things themselves. It's just straight-up common sense, folks. With all the store closings and going out of business sales, it seems Dalton is simply another dying town."

"Trump supporters need to take their heads out of the sand. Impeachment proceedings are driven by impeachable offenses."

"I would question the patriotism of anyone who felt the need to stand up and announce his/her patriotism to the world. A whistleblower is someone who sees people in power breaking the law. People who would sacrifice the whistleblower in order to protect themselves. Whistleblowers should not have to lose their jobs and/or be blackballed. When you call them 'backstabbing, cowardly, political hacks,' it sounds as though you don’t know how you’ve benefited from whistleblowers."

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