Today's Forum for Oct. 22

"My most annoying insurance commercial has to be the Liberty one with that goof and his emu. But I’ll give them a reprieve for their new one with the inept, struggling actor constantly messing up. Too funny!"

"This newspaper is fighting a losing battle. The conservatives here are so fact- and truth-challenged you’re printing facts beyond their ability to think. They don’t realize how Trump is using them."

"Although President Trump doesn't bother to read John L. Micek's drivel, he would take the comment that 'Trump is essentially a fourth-grade tyrant squeezed into the body of a septuagenarian' as a compliment. So nice to be thought of as being young at heart! Micek needs to keep his offhand compliments coming."

"John L. Micek failed to mention in his column that whatever the Turks do to the Kurds, the United States will merely slap Turkey on the wrist because the Turks let us keep strategic military installations there. We stay there at their discretion and we will not gravely offend them."

"It seems to me everything Donald Trump does he stands to make a good bit of money from it, but yet he is accepting no salary for being president. What a joke. He's making a fortune off his golf resort in Florida and that is not all right.''

"Isn't it an unwritten rule of politics that they want to raise taxes?"

"Oh my gracious, the Falcons are simply dreadful."

"I'm a Georgia sports fan through and through, but the ineptness of my teams is driving me up the wall. I'm considering abandoning all Georgia sports and adopting new teams. Any suggestions?"

"I don't like Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell or any other politician."

"Is anyone else annoyed at the bad color balance that was evident during the Tennessee-Alabama game? I presume those new LED stadium lights give everything a blue glow that isn't corrected in the TV production, so I have to mess with all my TV color settings to make it look decent, then reset them when the game is over. The Penn State game had the same problem."

"Is anyone in Dalton able to get the Chattanooga TV stations with an antenna? And if so, what kind? Rooftop or rabbit ears?"

"Michael Reagan has my deepest respect for suffering through all three hours of the Democratic debates."

"The voters are finally getting the fact that our elected officials fear any public knowledge of their doings. They keep us from the facts by conducting public business in their own little private sanctuaries. Vote, we can do better."

"I would hazard to guess that the one who says Pelosi cannot be removed from office is also pulling for Trump's impeachment. Pelosi could be removed by expulsion by her constituents, which is about as likely to happen as Trump's removal. Zero."

"Gambling? Why not pot and prostitution, too? It’s the old 'if we can make just one dollar, then it’s worth it.'"

"Shoutout to the Catamount marching band. You guys sound and look great this year!!"

''North Murray has a really good team, and if they can keep the holding penalties down they are really going to be good.''

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