Today's Forum for Oct. 26

"Kool-Aid is not restricted to one party, but to be lectured about it by a Republican is really laughable. What is it that so many ex-Cabinet members, generals, members of the intelligence and diplomatic communities, Christine Flowers, practically every world leader and the rest of the world in general know that seems to elude Trump supporters? You’re backing a fraud, a crook and a liar with loyalty to no one."

"It's been hilarious watching the most 'woke' pro sports league in the U.S. turn tail and beg China not to abandon them. The NBA's product has always been bad but now it's duplicitous as well."

"Subaru has the best commercials. Just love those dogs!"

"The most annoying TV commercial? All of them."

"To the Georgia sports fan ready to give up on all of his teams, take heart. The Atlanta Hawks are on pace to finish the season 82-0. Hang in there, buddy."

"Unless you are or have been a police officer, you have no idea the dangers that they face on any given day. Every situation is different, and sometimes spur of the moment decisions are made. Sometimes mistakes are made. But I guess 'ridiculous' would always make the right one."

"Great comment about the Chatsworth guy who was giving the police such a difficult, violent time not getting Tasered. This illustrates that the cops were wrong to Taser that poor woman and the district attorney dropped the ball by not pursuing charges against them. In this county, 'Back the blue' is the prevailing notion."

"I post in support of the city all the time, but I'm not an official. I just want it to continue improving. I'm sorry you don't seem to care. There are any number of dying cities in south Georgia waiting for you if you want to go live someplace with no taxes and no services. Hope you like gravel roads and burning your trash in the backyard!"

"Somalia is the low-tax, no-government paradise Walter Williams is looking for. Somehow I don't think he's in a rush to buy a plane ticket."

"Oh, you better believe I’ll get on my knees to pray for Trump. I’ll pray he and his family are sent packing and our country is relieved of this criminal and his minions."

"To the person who says that us Trump bashers should get down on our knees and pray about it: Believe me, we are! We are praying that his supporters come to their senses before November of 2020 and vote him out of office for the sake of our great country's survival."

"Hillary Clinton in recent weeks has privately stated that she is considering an entry into the 2020 presidential race. It’s very frustrating to keep hearing this from her over and over again as the country has made it very clear not once, but twice, that we're not interested and we're just not that into her. It doesn't seem, though, that she's getting the message."

"I can't wait until 2020 so I can cast my vote for President Donald Trump. He serves our country with such honor. He's the best president this country has ever had, and it's not even close."

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