Today's Forum for Oct. 3

"The thing that is driving the Ukraine telephone call impeachment blather is an overwhelming desire by Democrats and the complicit media to destroy Trump’s presidency, undo the 2016 election and evict him from office. Talk of impeaching Trump by most of the Democrats began before he was ever sworn in or unpacked his luggage at the White House and every act since then by the president has been branded ‘an impeachable offense’ by most of them."

"The Atlanta Falcons have face-planted to start the season. Seems like they'll never get over 28-3. With the Braves in the playoffs and the Hawks about to start a new season with a promising team, I've checked out mentally from the Falcons."

"Stop leaving your shopping carts all over the parking lot and put them back where they belong. There's no excuse for this kind of laziness. It's pathetic."

"I wish I could turn back time to the good old days."

"Maybe you can contact the city lawyers to find out where the no comment leaders got their tax information from."

"You got no suggestions for the SPLOST projects because of the form that you required. Almost no one would know what the cost of a road project would be. You should have just asked for suggestions, but I think the commissioners already know what they want."

"Dear citizens advisory committee: We are more disappointed in you for putting a form out there that was meant for project managers and folks trying to bid for a job. Sounds like you only wanted people with years experience in whichever field of the project they requested. So in reality you didn't really want suggestions. A simple form, 'What do you see as a true needed project?' and 'Why?' would have been all that was needed."

"The reason that there were only four SPLOST suggestions from citizens is that the majority of citizens do not want a SPLOST. Why is it so hard to get this through the politicians' brains. The committee should have had directions to make a determination if a SPLOST is warranted or not. Instead, their mandate was to assume a SPLOST is a foregone conclusion and to simply decide what the new tax would be spent on. Yes, it is a new tax, since the previous SPLOST is now expired. This is a terrible strategy and will turn out to be a huge waste of time when the new SPLOST is rejected by voters, again."

"Legal pot would have a minimum purchase age, 21, if we go by the example other states have set, and that would be enforced by retailers. If you're worried about your grandchildren, perhaps you should worry more about drug dealers that will gladly sell them what they want without any concern as to their age."

"A patriot stands tall before the world and announces his patriotism for all to see and hear. Your whistleblower is a backstabbing, cowardly, political hack that hides from the public view so as not to reveal his fairytale's true motive."

"I would gladly take the wet weather that's been predominant throughout this year over another drought. Seems like it's always been feast or famine here."

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