Today's Forum for Oct. 6

"I wish every grocery store and especially Walmart would adopt the Aldi model of depositing cash to receive a grocery cart."

"If you think the president of the United States is a tyrant, you must have a pretty comfy life."

"My pot beliefs are based on the slacker potheads that I’ve known over the last 45 years or so. It’s not propaganda, there may be some hardworking, outstanding citizens who smoke pot, but they have stayed hidden out somewhere."

"Did anyone else get referred to a political survey after doing Whitfield County's education survey?"

''I hope I'm wrong, but I think the Braves have already figured out a way to lose this NLCS."

"The only people welcoming illegal immigrants are those who are employing them at low wages."

"If I killed someone and burned the body, I guarantee I would have gotten more than six years in prison."

"When sunlight shines on Trump's latest corrupt act involving Ukraine, we'll see a shadowy figure emerge and that will be Vladimir Putin. Mark my words."

"Can anyone name one thing that the Democratic Party has done for the American people other than fight Donald Trump? That's all they do is fight Donald Trump. They need to get off of it and do something for the American people."

"Regarding the sarcastic comment in the Forum about political science majors, I too am a political science major and I did not go to college to get my political affiliation. But if 2020 comes down to a choice between the Republican who is starting to show signs of mental instability and a Democrat that's a has-been that's starting to show signs of memory loss, I might go fishing, as they used to say in North Carolina."

"I had to go to the dentist a few days ago. I needed a root canal. I asked his receptionist 'How bout a military discount?' She said she'd have to speak to the dentist. She put me on hold. She came back all bubbly, seemed happy, and said, 'He can give you a 3% discount, sir.' He had a heart as big as Texas, didn't he? 3% for a combat war veteran. If he had been there, he would have seen things different."

"Let's be clear. The president of the United States has a sworn duty — a constitutional duty — to investigate crimes involving the United States. If that takes calling someone in another country like the Ukraine, so be it. It's a constitutional duty."

Editor's note: Can you cite in the Constitution where it states a president has investigative duties/power?

"The disparity of talent at the college football level is making the games unwatchable."

"Is there any place in the Dalton area who repairs vacuum cleaners?"

"You're not getting any SPLOST suggestions because we're voting no."

"Some of my working-class friends in Rome want to come to Whitfield County and learn how to defeat their next SPLOST. Please help them out."

"This might be news to y'all, but the Democrats want their opponents disarmed, imprisoned, censored and silenced. That is the Democratic Party that we know today."

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