Today's Forum for Oct. 31

"We all saw how he behaved during the campaigning: instructing police to rough up suspects, asking Russia on national TV to get involved in our election process, refusing to turn over his tax returns, refusing to meaningfully step aside from the running of his businesses, etc. How could anyone be surprised that he’s in the predicament he’s now in?"

"To the reader who says the convention center doesn’t need a hotel attached or on the premises, every conference I attend in this state has a hotel attached or on the premises. Actually, every conference I attend everywhere. A hotel will help bring stuff to that underperforming center."

"Please enlighten this poor, indoctrinated person as to which socialist country that can be held up as a shining example of what government should be. Would you also explain to us dummies why you haven't moved there to enjoy its benevolent greatness and riches?"

"I just want to know why Mayor Mock and Chairman Laughter took no action on the service delivery agreement until the very last minute. Explanations to date are unacceptable."

"Remember, folks, our elected officials are being paid, yet they can't take care of the hard stuff in a timely manner. And according to their explanations for not taking care of the service delivery agreement they can't handle more than one thing at a time."

"There was no storming of the super-secret Democrat enclave in Washington. A group of dissenting officials were upset that they weren't invited to the coven of liberals who were hunting witches in secret and wanted to be included. This was not like the left's previous temper tantrum sit-ins. Exclusion is not inclusive. We as a nation will go together, or not at all."

"The reason the Republicans stormed the closed-door meetings was to see how an actual investigation is supposed to be held."

"This is a Westside resident. We do not need a roundabout on Houston Valley/Mount Vernon Road. We need a red light from some of the SPLOST funds. We have too many buses traveling the road. We need a red light."

"His goose is cooked. Will he, No. 1, resign? No. 2, be impeached? Or No. 3, crack up? I vote for No. 3, two men in white coats carrying a straightjacket will come for him."

"I've been sitting here reading this junk about the city making offers to settle disputes with the county. What's wrong with our elected officials? I think all of this is geared so the City Council can control everything. Where is all of the money going we give them every year?"

"I'm a Georgia Bulldogs fan and I was just wondering if anybody besides me is upset that the Georgia Bulldogs let Justin Fields leave and we're stuck with Jake Fromm."

"Who can I talk to in the city about these loud mufflers in the city? They're just driving us crazy."

"To the person that commented about hiring a plumber that's not a plumber, that's the very reason Trump was elected. He's not a lawyer or a politician. We're sick of both of them."

"God bless America and God bless Donald Trump."

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