Today's Forum for Oct. 8

"Stores need to place buggy return areas closer to handicapped parking. This is especially a problem at the Walmart Neighborhood Market and the Walmart on Shugart Road. It’s understandable why handicapped persons cannot return their buggies when the return areas are so far away."

"All you people griping about the people not returning the shopping carts back to where they belong, it wouldn't surprise me if those weren't the same people that hire their lawn to be mowed and then join a spa for exercise."

"I'm a Democrat, and I don't want to impeach Trump. I want Trump to stop committing crimes. As that is not an option, impeachment is the only constitutional remedy left."

"Forget the quiet train zone downtown for the SPLOST, I had rather they try to keep trains from blocking all of the railroad crossings during peak traffic hours. Some of us have to work!"

"A patriot is not afraid to stand up and cast his vote for what he believes in. A sunshine patriot lurks in the darkness to see which way public opinion and the wind blows before he casts his ballot. Let the left and the right vote now! Thus we will reveal the true beliefs of our elected officials. Many will be unmasked as not what they claim to be and will be judged by the voter as they are revealed."

"If other downtown businesses could use golf carts to ferry customers to parking as well as Rock Bridge Church it could be very helpful."

"Thank you for your service, but I think it is tacky to complain about a dentist not giving you a bigger discount. Veterans in financial need have the VA system for medical services."

"Trump has given Turkey his blessing to invade Syria and slaughter our Kurdish allies. This is a complete betrayal."

"All Democratic politicians are corrupt and they tell lie after lie. They can't be trusted. They want to do away with our Constitution. They want to turn us into a socialist/communist country. They want to take away all the rights and freedoms."

"Who makes the best pre-made pizza crust?"

"Mr. Editor, can you ask your readers to suggest more local good for the soul places?"

"Every day you wake up and the Democrats are calling for something. They're calling for impeachment, they're calling for an investigation. What they ought to do is call the dogs and put the fire out because they're done. They've called themselves right out of contention and I'm glad of it."

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting the weekend sports listings in Friday's Daily Citizen-News. It's awesome to have everything there on Fridays so I can plan out what I want to watch during the weekend."

"So according to one person, our country is being run by a puppet of the Russian mafia. This guy must be a graduate of CNN University."

"Let's have one Forum day a week without mentioning Pelosi or Trump."

"The giant mound of dirt by Chili's is a real attractive thing to see when people come pulling into Dalton. Why has that become a permanent fixture?"

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