Today's Forum for Oct. 2

"I see posts of classmates in their 60s who want to legalize recreational pot. Not me. I worry about my grandkids, and I was never a pothead."

"The whistleblower is a patriot who took proper legal actions and should be protected. It’s checks and balances, people. Country and Constitution over party and president. What we can learn from this is if you don’t want to be investigated or impeached, don’t do shady things."

''I was afraid North Murray might have a letdown after beating Calhoun. Boy, was I wrong. It must have ignited an internal fire."

"Each day I read Forum comments wherein people still believe one party and their politicians are good and the others are bad. Congratulations, you've played yourself."

"Remind me again what Believe Greater Dalton has to do with the timing of alcohol sales. An ordinance that existed prior to the formation of Believe Greater Dalton. I challenge you to do a little practical research — does the existence of bars and restaurants in a downtown area draw more people to live there or turn them away? How about when we specifically look at the young professionals that are lost every day to other communities? It is not very hard to figure out who is posting the anti-chamber and anti-Believe Greater Dalton commentary here in Forumland. Go ahead and have another sip of tea, relax and keep complaining that everything anyone else does is wrong and you are the only one with the answers."

"It is a virtual certainty that the person complaining about bars in Dalton hasn't been downtown in 20 years because of ... those people."

"Things aren’t perfect because you voted Republican (who gave the tax cut to the rich), suffer income inequality at work and can’t pay for the needs of our community. Not overtaxed just underpaid."

"Saw in Tuesday’s paper where Charlie Howell had passed away. What a precious person he was. He sent me a handmade Christmas card for years and a CD with various music he liked. I always looked forward to his gift and will miss his friendship. Rest in peace, Charlie."

"If we allow it Trump will destroy this country by dividing it to a point of civil war. We are already so divided that we can't agree on what's good and fair and right for our country. We are calling each other names. Using language like 'them Democrats' or 'them Republicans' like we are enemies instead of all one country. United we stand, divided we fall. Come together and let's do what we know is right."

"Spare me the radical Republicans who want to define their beliefs as centrist so they can pretend everyone who disagrees with them is a socialist."

"The thing that is driving the Ukraine telephone call impeachment blather is an overwhelming desire by Democrats and the complicit media to destroy Trump’s presidency, undo the 2016 election and evict him from office. Talk of impeaching Trump by most of the Democrats began before he was ever sworn in or unpacked his luggage at the White House and every act since then by the president has been branded ‘an impeachable offense’ by most of them."

"The Atlanta Falcons have face-planted to start the season. Seems like they'll never get over 28-3. With the Braves in the playoffs and the Hawks about to start a new season with a promising team, I've checked out mentally from the Falcons."

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